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rude note from ebay user

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ok, this just really gets me. i sold someone on ebay and with the payment, this is the note i receive:

Note:***PLEASE READ**** Please include the receipt. Can't print? Just write the item number anywhere on the envelope/package. It is a MUST to identify your item and leave feedback. If I do not receive the item within 10 business days of payment cleared, I will contact you ONE TIME and wait 3 more days. If no contact from you, I will be bound to file for recovery and leave appropriate feedback without any further contact. Thanks.

i understand the reason for the note, but jeez! i have never had any dealings with this person. i am offended at this. she/he could have said the same thing nicely, to the effect that "please, if you want feedback, include item information , etc. etc. I even understand the need to request the item in ten days, etc. but it could be said nicely. i woudl hate to cause someone to feel bound! lol! i know, sick joke!

i am really not having fun with my online selling experiences lately huh? do you think AF is nearby??? my ds1 asked me that a few days ago (but, hey, he's a teen and in a lot of sh#t lately, so he woudl say that).
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Wow, that's a harsh note for sure! I've purchased a few things from ebay since becoming pregnant (it's great to buy things cheap and used), and no one has ever included a receipt with any of the items they sent me, unless it was an ebay store (and not always with those, either).
It never occurred to me that they ought to have, either! I haven't sold anything, but wouldn't have thought to include a receipt or number with an item.

Hmm, I guess some people are somewhat demanding ebay shoppers and think nothing of being incredibly rude! It reminds me of some of the comments from people that attended a 'waiting for baby' yardsale we had last year. Boy, talk about opinionated!
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Hmm, I've actually always gotten something. Sometimes it's just the item number on the envelope, but there's something.

Of course, I paid for some diapers 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting. Sigh.
i print out the shipping label so they know who its from, etc. but this person has never bought anythign from me. i just think the note is weird and although maybe the content is necessary, the delivery is just rude. i would rather ppl who are going to send negative vibes my way not even bid, kwim?
im not that into "karma, etc." but hey, why be subjected to something negative before you do anythign wrong??
im sure he/she has gotten taken on ebay before..but that doesnt give one the right to be rude to everyone!
I've never sent anything with my ebay packages
: ... good thing that same person didn't buy from me!

I do think that note is quite rude though. Even if I *did* need some sort of receipt or something, it could be phrased in a nice way. ... .. and really, can't the person buying keep track of what they have purchased?
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I dont send a receipt either. But I also dont care if they leave me feedback or not. Whatever. LOL

I sold something a few weeks ago and I got the weirdest payment note from someone I had NEVER sold to before. In the PP note section it said "I expect item to arrive in the condition as described and be shipped as quickly as I paid. Notify me ASAP when item ships." It just seemed so grouchy! I figured she must have been scammed before but can get points across in a pleasant tone! It was like she expected to get scammed or something.....weird. LOL
well, i do believe in karma and they'll get theirs. LOL
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