The Ruggable Washable Area Rug is a must-have for pets and kids!
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Rugs. As more of us make the switches from whole-houses of carpet to solid floors, we now find ourselves looking for great rugs at affordable prices (and those that don't slide are bonus!) and lots of color options.

But who would have ever thought that machine-washable would have been a factor in a rug decision? With Ruggable, it now is, and you may never buy another type of rug again!

Ruggable Machine Washable Rugs: Every Floor Needs One

We have little carpet in our home, for many reasons. We are allergy sufferers, and if honest, carpeting is just a big filter for dust settling on the regular. Don't believe us? Empty and run your vacuum machine daily (even a couple of times a day if you really want to be grossed out) and see just how much dust you pick up every single time. There's no getting around it, and carpets are the big attractors.

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So, to combat as best we can, we have tile/wood/solid floors all over the bulk of the house. But, that can get cold and lonely, and honestly? Even a little bit loud. So we're always on the hunt for rugs that can soften a room, decorate, keep us cozy and not break the bank.

And that's how Ruggable machine washable area rugs became our new favorite things!

Bye-Bye Slip And Slide!

Kids and dogs run through this house like wild banshees and our rugs take the beating. They're constantly sliding, no matter how much I spend on no-slip/no-curl gadgetry and pads and it drives me bonkers. Before I got to try out my new Ruggable washable area rug, I'd come downstairs every morning and see it crooked and not on the neat little lines I'd placed it ever so carefully. I can't count how many dollars I've spent trying to keep my rug from A) curling at the ends and B) sliding when the dogs or my son and his friends come tearing in from another room, but it's safe to say I'd have been able to take myself on a nice little cruise by now, I'm sure.

And that's why Ruggable's two-piece system is genius... pure genius! The non-slip rug pad is a true rug pad--it is the entire length of the Ruggable rug (without me having to spend an arm and a leg and cut it to size) and non-toxic, so safe for the family. And it works. Seriously.

The Ruggable Pad keeps it in place

One of my husband's favorite past times on military deployments in the last 20 years has been buying beautiful Asian and Oriental rugs. While I have always loved them, they drove me nuts trying to keep them in place. I was lucky enough to try the 5 x 7 Sima Royal Blue Ruggable and I have to say, it's pretty much ruined me for any other rugs--even my very pricey international rugs. It stays in place and looks gorgeous doing so.

Machine Washable Say What?

And so yes, while we may be a bit snobby when it comes to rugs, we're also practical. The truth about rugs is that they pick up all the stuff that we bring in. All the stuff from the kids' feet, the pets' paws and anything the wind blows through too. Rugs are typically what people use to wipe feet and feel are the 'protectors' of the floor, so they get beaten up.


And that's what makes Ruggable's Washable Area Rugs so different than even our highest-dollar silk rug. They are machine washable. Yes, machine washable. Which means that instead of spending $200-$400 just to clean some of my other rugs, when I need to clean my Ruggable? I pull it off the non-slip rug pad, fold it up and throw it in my washing machine. No, really, that's all there is to it and it comes out looking brand new each time!

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How can that be, you ask, when it's also waterproof and stain-resistant? I don't know, but it totally is, and we've had the spills and washes already to prove it so. Even the 8 x 10 rug will fit in a 3.8 Cubic Ft. washer and with your regular laundry soap and low heat in the dryer, it comes out looking like you just got it. Every time. If you have kids or pets, it's a game-changer.

How Do Ruggable Washable Area Rugs Work?

While I anxiously awaited my rug, I watched all the videos about how to lay it down. It really is as easy as it looks in the video.


The non-toxic and hypoallergenic rug pad goes on first, lightweight and easy to position and reposition, despite it not moving once you get it where you want it to be (it's like magic!). Once you've put the rug pad down, you then take your Ruggable rug cover and fold it so that you can easily place it at the top of the rug pad and then unfold to the other end of the rug pad. The rug pad is almost like a velcro attachment that keeps it nice and snug, and then you just smooth out any wrinkles you may need to in order to have it flat.

It's that simple. We swear. And since it's so easy to wash and dry, you'll be glad it really is that easy.

Why Choose A Ruggable Washable Area Rug?

Just in case you've missed it, we are in love with the fact that you can wash this rug in your washing machine! It's hypoallergenic, latex-free, stain-resistant, cleans easily in the washer and dries in the dryer (or you can air dry; either way, you won't have to worry about mold so it's allergen-safe) and there are a quadrillion (seems like it, at least!) different patterns and sizes from which you can choose. Whatever room you need it in, there's a Ruggable rug that will fit perfectly, and there really is no catch.

And most importantly, it looks really nice. It feels really nice. My husband initially thought it would look and/or feel 'cheap,' and he loves it so much he's ready to take the carpet in the one room of our house we do have it out and buy an 8 x 10 Ruggable for that room. He's that smitten and so am I.

The washable Ruggable rug is a game-changer

While I know some reviews worry about the curling at the very tips of the rug, I've been very happy. My son and his friends and our two very rambunctious dogs run around on that rug like you read about and it still looks new with every wash. It does take a good bit of time to dry, but then again, it's a washable rug! I have to say that I'm a bit grossed out with any rug that isn't when I stop and think about all the stuff they come in contact with--even in our 'no-shoes on in the house' house. I've found Ruggable's customer service to be incredibly excellent, and in researching, also found those with curling issues were able to flatten with some weight and repositioning of the rug on the rug pad. Once or twice with washes, I've had to reposition as well, but it's super easy and super worth it for the cleanliness factor in my home.

Like I said, it's been a game-changer in our house and if you're looking for a durable, non-toxic and beautiful rug, it'll be a game-changer in yours too!

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