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I just received a pair of soaker shorts from Cynthia at Rumpknits from a custom order I placed and they are wonderful!
The fit is exactly what I was looking for, they are lovely soft and the colors are precisely what I requested. It is such a treat to get something just the way I wanted it!

The shipping was very quick, the customer service extremely pleasant, and I would highly recommend Rumpknits to anyone.
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I just had to add a resounding "yes" to the above rave for Rumpknits! I ordered an Everlasting Wondersoaker from Cynthia a few months ago, and it is gorgeous! The wool is so, so soft and the knitting is just perfect! It has held up very well, too.

Can't wait to custom order some pants for winter! Thanks so much, Cynthia!
i have a pair of perfection shorts from cynthia that i won at wahmchicks - they're one of my favorites! they are called harvest perfection, i just love the colors and the wool is so soft!
I just received a soaker from a custom order from Cynthia at Rumpknits, and it is superb! The colors are exactly what I wanted, the knitting is impeccable, and the fit on my baby is amazing. The turn-around time from when I ordered was fast, and the packaging was wonderful. I highly recommend Rumpknits! I am sure I will be getting more for my own son! Here is a picture to see this great fit[/IMG]]Landen in a Rumpknits
I won a small soaker from Cynthia in the Great Diaper Hunt. When she contacted me for my address, I mentioned that the soaker might be too small in my reply. So, she generously knit a custom soaker to fit my daughter. She sent me a photo and shipping confirmation just about a week after I sent her the measurements. All this great service was for no charge since I was a prize winner!

The soaker she knit was in beautifully dyed soft wool and fits my little one perfectly. It's a gorgeous soaker and I've received several compliments on it from strangers on the street.
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