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S.A. is really starting to fall apart.....

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We have been communicating with a British friend of ours in our old compound. His family has gotten out but he is still there another few weeks. I knew things could end up like this but I am still shocked and upset about it all. These things are happening in such familiar territory for HB and I.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - With the kidnapping of an American and threats to inflict on him the same degrading punishments seen at Iraq (news - web sites)'s U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison, suspected al-Qaida terrorists appear to have unleashed a new tactic in their violent drive against Saudi Arabia's rulers.

Saudi authorities searched Sunday for Paul M. Johnson, an American who was apparently abducted by militants who also claimed responsibility for gunning down another American in Riyadh, the day before.

It was the third killing of a Westerner in the Saudi capital in a week, part of a stepped up campaign aimed at driving out foreigners and sabotaging the oil sector, key to the Saudi economy and basis of the rule by the kingdom's royal family.
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I was listening to the news tonight, didn't the contractor who was killed work for the same company as HB? I know how much you love the middle east and the people you met there, this must be really tearing you up inside.
Marg, who do you trust for decent insight re what's going on? It seems like some of the news sources conflict, some under-report.
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