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?s about nursing on one side at a time

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Howdy all,

I have a two week old and she likes to just nurse at one breast per feeding - this is ok right? The only info I've found on why not to do ths is that the unemptied breast gets uncomfortably full. Is there something I don't know?

She doesn't have a real regular feeding schedule - I alternate breasts each feeding of course, but should I do this for every feeding, ie, if she only nurses for 3 or so minutes on one breast should I still give her the other breast next time, or go ahead and give her that same one again?

Thanks for helping a new mama out
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All three of my babies nursed one side at a time

As long as you are not uncomfortable (feeling too full) it is fine.

I usually a different breast each time but sometimes offered the same one if the feeding was really short.
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I've always done one side at a time. Started out that way in the beginning when I had LOTS of milk.... I usually offer a side for 2 hours or so if they're feeding a bunch of small times. Then after 2 hours I switch to the other.

My nurslings are the same. I think they are actually more likely to get the much needed hindmilk when only nursing on one side per feeding! Congrats on baby Elaina!
I've done the same. She spits up less if we stick with one side for 2 or 3 hours.
my first son did both each feeding, but this ds does one per feeding, so I've done both. It's just fine to do one per feeding, your breasts will get used to it soon and you won't be uncomfortable. I usually just check to see which ones fuller if I'm not sure what side to feed on.
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I've been a one-sider, too, and was a bit concerned in the beginning because I'd gotten the same advice about offering both breasts.

I think the issue is that your breasts will be stimulated to produce more milk if each breast is used. For example, if you've got low milk supply, it's recommended that you nurse on each breast a few times each feeding. Someone please correct this information if I am not remembering it correctly!

My milk supply has never been an issue, and this is what worked for us. My kid's always been a quick eater, and I felt that if I switched too soon, she'd never be getting hindmilk. Then a lll leader told me that my milk would adjust to our feeding style.
Another one side at a timer here. I never had too much trouble with feeling too full, so it was never an issue for me. I just lie when the nurses ask the "which side?" & "how long?" questions (I mean really, who keeps track?!?!?!?) I always say 10 min each side each feeding. haha Not that I'm recomending doing that.... :LOL
I have a baby who MUCH prefers the left side
so now I have greatly lopsided boobs.

But yeah, he only nurses one side at a time. As long as it's the left side.
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I've always felt like switching sides is a waste of time...too much of a hassle. The only time I switch sides during a nursing is when ds obviously is wanting milk from the other side (ie, taking a few sucks and then fussin at the breast) My aunt told me she didn't understand why I could tolerate my boobs being lopsided. It isn't terribly bad, though, and if someone is staring hard enough to notice the difference, then they have a problem. :LOL
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