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S.O.S: NEED Curious George for Father's Day!

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Please mamas, it's DH's 1st Father's Day and when I was surfing around yesterday I ran across a Curious George (the astronaut) woven at Mudpie Babies. I see that she is closed for customs and in fact customs might be hard to get and even then I still probably wouldn't have the dipe in time.

Do any other WAHMs (who are open for orders) have this print? I'm new to these requests so if there is a better way to get this info, please let me know.

Thanks bunches
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If you can find some of the fabric you want, many WAHM's would be willing to make you a dipe w/ it. I know LHC does.

I've seen lots of great Curious George fabric on eBay too

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I have a Curious George AIO from Calico Baby. Not sure if she still has it in stock, but it's wonderfully cute!

HTH had curious george fabric. i don't know if she's still open for orders though. bizzy b hive had some too but she's not open so that's no help.
Oh I
that fabric! I made the kids matching outfits and blew $80 at "picture people" to have their portraits taken.

I found it at Joanns and paid about $6 a yard for it (I did use a coupon though) Maybe you could check out your joanns and send some fabric to a wahm to make you a dipe.

Walmart had the curious george fabric with the Zoo theme

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