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s/o: what's in YOUR stash?

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Since we're talking diapers...what's in your stash?

I just did diaper inventory. I have:
12 preemie prefolds (probably adding another dozen)
18 infant prefolds (will get 6-12 more later on)
6 goodmama one size fitteds
4 snappi 0-12m contours

1 pair small longies
3 velcro nb covers
4 nb pull-on covers (that seem big to me)
6 small gpants
2 small velcro covers
1 one size wonder wrap
2 small wool wraps

1 small honeyboy aio
2 small bumkins aios

1 embroidered lap shirt/fleece soaked set

I still feel like I NEED some more nb covers. I have no clue though since they are in them for such a short time. I'll probably only get some if I can get the new nb size gpants.

What do you have???
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I'm still working on going through my stash LOL. I don't even know what I have in there and I just found two of DS's old covers in his toybox LOL
DO have: 2 prs hand-knitted LTK longies

once i get what i've registered for and knit the rest i'm knitting, i WILL have:

36 nb organic indian cotton prefolds
36 small organic indian cotton prefolds
3 NB/small imsy vimsy wool covers
1 small disana longies
2 NB curly purly soakers
2 NB/small button wrap soakers (still deciding on the pattern)

additional nighttime coverage of
1 Disana wool sleepsack
1 handknit sleepsack of my own design

i think the things i'm knitting ought to fit for awhile, and the imsy vimsies run large. 10 total covers seems like enough for me, and once i see what works best, i can make/order more as baby grows!
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Ironically, I just took inventory today:


(24) GMD orange edge prefolds
(12) "infant" sized prefolds (same as GMD yellow edge)


(3) XS Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
(3) XS Thirsties Wraps
(3) S Thirsties Wraps
(4) Homemade covers
(3) NB ProRaps
(5) NB Litewraps


(3) NB bububebe fitteds
(2) NB Muttaqin fitteds
(2) S fitteds by a mama on diaperswappers (awesome "Nerds Rock" fabric)

(10) NB homemade

Also (for larger than newborn):

(11) homemade AIOs
(6) FuzziBunz one size
(6) gDiapers and hemp doublers


(2) Wet bags
(1) diaper pail liner
(6) extra microterry doublers
(12) velour wipes (really need to get busy making these)
(6) Snappis
(1) Punkin Booty Foaming Punkin wipe solution in a gorgeous citrus scent
(1) Punkin Booty Better Balm (cloth diaper safe)
(2) (so far) Wool soakers I crocheted.

I thought about taking pictures of it all....maybe later.
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XS/NB sizes: (If I wrote out my whole stash in all sizes, it would be too much, LOL)

1 StarWars Chunky Monkey AIO
1 JDB sock monkey numbers AIO (actually a small but fits like a XS)

2 tie dyed flats
2 tie dyed preemie PF
6 pastel preemie PFs

1 PP donald duck fitted
1 JDB flannel contour w/aplix

1 pr dolphin kozy longies
1 SB wool wrap
1 Prorap
3 Thirsties

I also have about 10 infant IPFs & 10 infant CPFs that are bulky, but will work for NB sizes. I am actually going to try to convert the IPFs to prefitteds when my class is done (or beg my mom to do it for me, LOL). I think that will help them fit NB stage better.
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24 infant prefolds (I skip the newborn size)
8 homemade wool covers from this pattern, made with felted thrift store wool sweaters
1 Thirsties cover (thought it might be fun to try something new)
8 pins
36 homemade flannel wipes

aaand that's it.
NB stash is:

2 Bummis Super Brites nb covers
4 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps nb covers
24 orange-edged nb prefolds
12 BumGenius bamboo fitteds, small
3 Small Aristocrats wool soakers felted down to nb size.

This is plenty for us for a newborn. The BGs and Crats are new for this baby. The prefolds a nice luxury, but this will be the third nb they are used on w/ us, so got our money's worth. Bought them for a song from Diaper Swappers anyway, so an excellent deal. 6 nb wraps are essential for us. The wool and fitteds are b/c I have come to love wool and fitteds!

From there, our stash gets more mix & match, but the crux is infant prefolds & small & medium Bummis Super Brites. Next size up really gets mixed; was built as I decided what I liked
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12 preemie prefolds
36 orange edge infant prefolds
6 nb thirsties covers
2 bummis whisper pant covers
2 organic fitteds
millions of cloth wipes
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This is my first, so I'm starting from scratch. I really am going to try not to get "into" CDing/trying all the different kinds. I have the kind of personality where I can quickly get obsessed with things, and I'm trying to avoid that. I think I've decided to use the new Flip System. It seems like a good fit for us since it's one size and there is some flexibility in the inserts (stay dry, organic bamboo, disposable - which I may consider for days spent in airports to visit family), but it's simple enough that I'm pretty sure my DH will use it happily.

My only issue is what to use when our little guy is too little to have a good fit in the one size Flips...
^^^ That is exactly why I didn't go with one type of system, and decided to do prefolds for the most part, with a sprinkling of other varieties to try.
Just did this yesterday! I've CDd two kids already, but some of my stash is missing

I have:
2 bummis covers
1 knit wool cover
1 recycled wool cover
1 aristocrats cover

about 10 infant prefolds
6 contour dipes
about 6 cheap velcro/plastic covers from here
2 pairs of knit longies
1 pair recycled wool longies
1 felted wool skirt

2 SOS one-size diapers

20 premium prefolds
about 2 of those cheap velcro/plastic covers
2 aristocrats covers
2 wool velcro covers of unknown origin
(lots of the small stuff can be used through med/into large)

2 sweet peas diapers with way too many snap-ins
1 pair knit longies
2 aristocrats covers

12 toddler prefolds (mostly used as under-the mama or under-the baby mats in the newborn days, hardly ever used as actual diapers, these things are huge)

It seems like I have a lot of diapers when I open the boxes, but when I dig in there's a little bit I need in every size. I want preemie prefolds for the first month or so, for example, and even though the covers say "newborn" on them I think only two of them are actually small enough to use on a baby under about 12lb, at least with the way I like to use smaller prefolds for less bulk.
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Originally Posted by Oztok5 View Post
My only issue is what to use when our little guy is too little to have a good fit in the one size Flips...
I steer clear of one-sized stuff for this reason. If one size is meant to fit all the way up to a 35 pound 3 year old, it's probably always going to be big and bulky on my babe.
My last one potty trained young at 25ish pounds, and had narrow hips, too. She'd have been swimming in anything one-sized.

You could get Thirsties Duo Covers and prefolds in 2 sizes for less than the cost of one set of the flip system in one size. It's pretty much the same exact system as far as cloth goes- fold it in thirds, lay it inside of a cover that can be reused a few times.
The price markup is the only difference, really.

I am curious to try the disposable inserts from a few various systems (flip, gDiaper) in regular wrap-style covers for later on, in case we do any road trips or anything. I don't see why they wouldn't work in other wrap covers?
Hmm, I guess I'll need to make some wrap-style wool covers at some point..
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Here's what a friend of mine who used the disposable inserts for gDiapers told me: For containing solid poop, they work okay, though there's still some seepage usually through the liner. For breastmilk/formula poop and for pee, she found the flushable liners to be more problems than they were worth. They just didn't stay contained that well. Plus they have some sort of gel-like substance inside them, and her whole point with cloth diapering was trying to go as close to chemical-free as possible with her kids. The flushable inserts broke open too often and got the gel stuff on her kids, and she hated that.

I have about 6 or so small gDiapers that she gave to me, but I went ahead and bought these hemp doublers from a third party to use in them. They were way cheaper than buying the cloth inserts gDiapers sells.

edit: Here's what a blog has to say about those biodegradable inserts:

"Theoretically, the insert is flushable. There are three layers of material that make up the insert. The outer layer is a thin mesh, then there is a fluffy core, and another layer of mesh. In order to flush the gDiaper insert, you need to use your hands to pull open the two outer layers and dump the inner fluff into your toilet. Then you have to use a "swish stick" (included in the kit) to break up the fluff before you flush. The package says not to attempt flushing if you have any doubts about your toilets or pipes. I have a pretty gnarly septic system, so I did not attempt it. It says you can compost, or if you put it in the trash, it will degrade there in a few months."
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Yeah, the instructions on the gDiaper website for flushing the inserts really made it sound like way more work than it would be worth. If I ever did use the inserts, I'd probably have just pitched them.. but I did not know they had gel in them! Thank you for telling me that. With that knowledge, they're definitely off my list of things to try.

Hmm.. now that I'm googling, it looks like the flip ones have gel in them, too. Their inserts have something called "SAP", which probably stands for super absorbent polymer/sodium acrylic polymer..

I guess Tushies are still the only gel-free option out there. Geez, it's been 9 years since I last went shopping for gel-free disposables, and there's still only one brand available??

I was really looking forward to having some options for travel this time.
Oh, well. I used cloth even when traveling with DD and I can't say it was that bad.
OMGoodness, you want me to LIST them? LOL!!!

I have a giant plastic dresser (our go-to newborn piece of furniture) that's about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall, STUFFED with NB fitteds and covers. I mean, stuffed to the point where I can't fit wipes in the drawers! LOL!! My small Fuzzi Bunz stash is in a closet waiting for the 3 month mark. I've been a member over at DSD for a while, and have gotten some great WAHM deals, and cleaned up when mamas finished with their stashes. I did just buy SIL some organic bamboo velour Drybees fitteds, imse vimse covers, liners (for her poop-phobe hubby), some bum genius bamboo aios, and forwarded a large part of my FB's stash to her (we're having a boy, she's having a girl, and I had several girly colors from DD). I swear, I spent WAY more trying to diaper HER kid than I did trying to diaper MINE!! LOL!!
8 packages of size 1 Huggies....
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OH I am so excited about my stash. I can't do prefolds to save my life, i think i might be prefold challenged

so i have all fitteds in my stash.

4 fluffymail newborn diapers
1 fluffymail embroidered wool cover

6 elbee baby newborn organic velour dipes
2 elbee baby newborn wool covers

then i have 18 sz small elbee ov dipes and 3 elbee sm wool covers.....just in case this baby grows like crazy

my plan is as soon as i am finished working on the house (i tend to only paint and redecorate when i am pregnant
) i am going to knit up a few wool soakers in newborn and small.
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I have a lot of diapers...! Everything but the wool is leftover from DD.

24 bleached Chinese small prefolds
24-36 (didn't count, can't remember!) tie dyed small prefolds
These fit DD up until 5 months or so...

12 Kissaluvs size 0
8 Sandy's size small (they fit from 8-20 pounds, we LOVE Sandy's fitted diapers.)
12 Kissaluvs in size 1 and also more in size 2!

A few random nb/sm fitted diapers, a couple very used nb prowrap AIO's

6 nb prowraps covers, white ones and pink ones
1 nb litewrap cover
3 Bumpy Day (Imse Vimse) preemie size covers
2 Imse Vimse nb covers
Random assortment of small covers that won't fit until 2 months or so...

New for this baby I decided I would rather use wool than PUL, so I also got cute wool things that will double as part of her outfits!

1 SBish size small cover
1 pair of pink small Luxe shorties
1 Lanacare soaker in size small
2 recycled sweater soakers/shorties
3 pairs of small knit shorties
2 small skirties
3 pairs of small longies
1 unknown brand small snapping wool cover

Went a bit overboard on the wool. Shhh. I used paypal money I got from selling other diapers from DD's old stash. I can't WAIT to dress her in all this soft, wonderful smelling, colorful wool! Some of the knit things are bigger looking than others, so hopefully it will fit into the fall. Then I'll move on to using the Sandy's medium/large fitted diapers with Mother-Ease covers or premium prefolds that were DD's...they are bullet proof!
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I've got:

4 NB covers (some off-brand)
5 X-small covers (Thirsties)
4 small covers (Thirsties)
1 medium cover (Thirsties)
4 medium covers (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap)
5 large covers (Thirsties)
24 Blue Dog fitteds, NB
24 infant sized prefolds
36 premium sized prefolds
3 snappis (though I can only find one right now
5 or 6 hand-me-down doublers

I also have some of the crappy Gerber prefolds someone gave me, though they usually get used as burp rags or in emergencies.

We're definitely a prefold family. DH only puts up with it because it's cheaper than 'sposies.

ETA: Pepper, want to come over and tie dye my prefolds? I'm soooooooo not nesting. I even have everything I need to do it........ except motivation.
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Well, I haven't done CD before, and Riverbeauty's thread made me go and dig around today. Seems like buying all new is kind of expensive for the first three months, and will cost right about the same as disposable kind. I'm also motivated by no chemicals on my baby's bun though, so willing to go through a little extra trouble. Anyhow, I registered for 9 kissaluv fitteds, 2 Thirsties Duo cover, 1 Thirsties (regular) cover, and 2 BumGenius 3.0 OS. I'm still undecided if I will take the plunge or not, but I'm definitely convinced I want to use CD at least part of the time. On local craigslist, I found 12 Fuzzi Buns x-small with inserts for $125. It seems like a good deal? I haven't heard a reply yet, but if I get those, I think I'll take the plunge into CD this time, especially because those seem like they would be easier for DH to grasp and get used to (he is very reluctant)! Anyway, sorry if that was off topic ha ha Nice to see what everyone else has!
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