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Sad dad has to go back to work

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i have to go back to work and am going to miss my two and a half dd very much but i wish i could stay with her more often....i was going through a montessouri training class to be a teacher but it has been such a pain and too much money and time away from work.i can't afford it..i like the concept and the idea....i just don't like the people who run the schools...they seem like big time power trippers. so it is back to the construction trade for me. sigh...i sure am going to miss that little girl.....
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Gosh, your post almost made me cry. How blessed your child is to have a father who is so attached. I'm finding more and more how rare that is. My DH spends a considerable amount of time with our DD and people are always telling me how lucky I am to have such an involved husband.
One thing that DH does is have a weekly "Daddy Day" with DD; a special day set aside for just the two of them (which is wonderful for me because that means I get a day "off" every week). Maybe that would be something you could do to reconnect with your DD after the work week is over. An entire day for just the two of you. DH and DD spend their Daddy Days at the zoo, aquarium, going shopping, going out to eat, playdates, etc. DH really cherishes this time because he works long hours and doesn't get home until after she is already asleep most nights.
Hugs to you PapaE! Going back to work is SOOOO hard. I am working part time (2.5 days) and I just treasure my days off with dd. Your little girl is so lucky to have you!
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More hugs to you PapaE! I went back to work fulltime at the end of my maternity leave for about 4 months and then couldn't take it any more! After nearly bankrupting our family
I finally found a part-time job that let's us keep the house and let's me keep in touch with my ds!

I guess I'm saying I hear you and I feel for you! It's sooo hard going back -- it's wonderful, though, to hear from a dad dealing with those issues! Your little girl is very lucky to have you to help her on her path!!!
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My dh is going thru the same thing...after a long stint of being stay-at-home parents who lived off of savings, one of us needs to do something to bring in $$$. So dh is looking for a job, while going to school evenings. He is soooo sad and misses her soooo much.
He has been getting up early with her and taking her out for walks/bike rides/playground romps while I sleep. It's a great and special time for just the two of them...seems to really help them stay as close as they were. Good luck to you!
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What a lucky little girl your daughter is! Who knows, maybe returning to construction will just be a temporary move for you and you can get into something more parent-friendly. It sounds like you're more interested in education and working with kids -- even if Montessori isn't the route for you, it can happen. I understand your apprehension about returning to work. The trades aren't very enlightened when it comes to dads who value their time with their kids, are they?

My husband stays home with our 2 year old full-time now, although he's doing some part-time teaching and writing on the side. Coincidentally, when she was born he had been working electrical -- so you see, it is possible to move away from it and towards the stuff you're more interested in! I know finances bring their own pressures, but don't give up your sense of how you want to live, and keep trying to get yourself there. Meanwhile, your daughter is still going to love you to pieces and be there when you get home. It takes getting used to: I just went back to work full-time, and I'm already strategizing for 2 years from now when I might get to spend more time with my child again. Do what you have to do, but don't give up on what you want to do!

best of luck to you.
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so it is back to the construction trade for me. sigh..
Isn't this somewhat effected by weather...doesn' t that mean rainy or snowy days you will be home?

how special will that be for your little girl!
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