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Lately, since we're coming out of our bubble, I've been reflecting on all the parents I see out and about.
And I'm getting really really sad. I feel emotional when I go out to places where other parents are out with other babies and see what they are doing.

I don't think I'm a fabulous parent by any means, and am actually really hard on myself. This is the only board I go to peruse besides the LLL when I have specific things I want to look up. So sometimes, I feel like some of the CIO, bottle props etc must be myths..until I go out into the world.

I see such sad sad things being done to children i.e. bottle propping, ignoring them crying hysterically, or yelling at them angrily when they are crying (all ages newborn baby to teens) calling their young babies bad (for not sleeping thru the night), same person laughing about putting earplugs in while their 1 yr old cried it out, yelling at a young child who went in their pants while they are being toilet trained....all sorts of things..

I don't know how to handle it. When I see things, all I can do is clutch my baby closer to me, tell him I love him, give him lots of kisses, but my heart hurts...

How do you deal? What can we do??? Whether its strangers or family?? My husband tells me think globally act locally i.e. with our own baby..
Just wanted to vent that in a safe place...(I just made the mistake of looking on a mainstream board which prompted this post)
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