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SAFE tick repellant that works

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Now with summer and camping amongst us. We just went camping and i found 2 ticks in our camper and 1 on my dog. I searched the kids real good and didnt find any but was wondering what you can use to keep them away that is safe for the little ones. Is there an herbal solution to mix? any help or ideads
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i'm looking for one too. I live in Ohio also and have seen 2 this year so far. I think my husband brought one in from golfing, it was crawling on my kitchen table next to him..ewwww and I found one in my hair about 3 weeks ago, I FREAKED!!! I had taken the kids walking through some woods at a local park and it must have fallen from a tree
I'd also love to find one since we temporarily live in NY and went hiking in CT yesterday. I'm going to dd's ND today for an appt. and was planning to ask her for a safe alternative. I'll share any info I get.
I talked to my ND yesterday about Lyme disease prevention because I don't want any chemicals coming near my dd. She told me that there is a homeopathic remedy that prevents insect bites and if you do come down with lyme disease there is a homeopathic remedy that takes care of it and it works well. They are both special order from a company called Professional Complementary Health Formulas that is based out of Portland.

You can't order from this company unless you are a health professional. You would have to go to a ND or homeopath. There might be other homeopathic options out there that you can buy at a health food store.
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