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Safe to take a bath?

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The cramps are really getting to me at this point and a warm bath with lavender EO and tea tree sounds really nice right now. I'd scrub the tub out first. I think this will be over soon since i'm starting to have to concentrate in the cramps...
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Safe....I dont really know.

Comfortable......YES!!! BTDT

Only problem is the water can get really dark really quick and if you are planning on saving the baby for any testing or burial, its a PITA to find in the water (BTDT too)

I found that a shower was a good way to go too. My last m/c was int he shower. I just let the warm water run down my back, while I was on my hands and knees as I leaned on the wall with one hand and massaged my stomach with my loofah sponge and tea tree body wash. I was on my hands and knees on a towel, so the baby had a soft landing, but wouldnt get swished around by the water, but so that the blood and water would still drain ok.
Go ahead and take a bath if that would make you feel better.

But make your dh scrub shouldn't have to.
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Go ahead and do whatever makes you feel good during this time. I have lost two babies and after the second one I asked my midwife if I could do youga becasue it made me feel better. She said to do whatever calms you...I also took a bath and just let myself try and relax. I am sorry you are going through this and send you my best. If you need to talk let me know...
Thanks everyone, I took one my last m/c and I was fine but still wondered. Anyway, just took a nice soak and OMG, I forgot how well those things work for pain relief! I finally had to get out though, have to go pick up dd from my moms soon
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