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safety question...wwyd?

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I let my 7.5 yo. ride his bike around the block on his own, checking in with me each time he loops around. Really safe neighborhood. Good sidewalks. Kind friendly neighbors. He's a skilled bike rider, and follows rules well. Keeps his head up, doesn't stop to talk to anyone, etc..

So I feel good about that scenerio... but here is a new scenerio that I'm struggling with.

Sometimes my younger son wants to take a ride on his bike, and he obviously needs me with him, and quite often my older son will not want to come or will want to go home before we are finished. So my question is, can I leave my 7.5 yo in the house for 10 min. or so while *we* walk/ride around the block? Or is that just completely unsafe?

Gosh, its really hard being constantly pulled between the needs/wants of 2 different children!
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I, personally, would feel OK with it.

He sounds very responsible and as long as you trust him to stay inside and not answer the door, I think it sounds like a good compromise. DS is 6.5 and I sometimes let him stay inside and play while I am outside with the neighbors and dd. I'm so close and he is extremely trustworthy.

I am also struggling with the different needs/wants of 2 children! I think it more challenging when their age differences are further apart (3.5 years, in our case).
I would have no problem with it, personally.
I think that would be just fine. I used to leave mine, at that age, home while I visited a neighbor (very close by) for a little bit. I think as long as you and he discuss what he needs to do (or not do... as the case may be) to be safe it should be fine.

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It truly depends on the kid. My mom started leaving me alone about that age as long as she took my brother and sister with her. I was a boring kid, not the type to do things I shouldn't.

My BIL is 13 and I wouldn't leave him alone to switch out laundry in the basement. He's the kind of kid you keep close tabs on.

I would just make sure he knows exactly what he is allowed to do while you are gone. Like, if he's allowed to use the toaster when you are home, is he allowed when you are gone. Sure, there's no way he would decide to make toast while you are gone, but maybe there is.
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