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SAHD article in the Seattle Times

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They did an article in the Seattle Times about SAHD's this weekend. DH and DS were in it! They are in two of the three pictures. Here is the link:

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Boongirl, thanks for registering.

That's wonderful - really great article. I wish they had something like that in our area for my husband/ SAHD. I was out on my lunch hour the other day and I drove less than 2 miles and I saw 4 men out with children. I don't know if they were SAHD's but it was a weekdy in the middle of the afternoon so there is a good chance. We live in a small town but it is a university town so there are probably more here than in the average small town.
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Thanks for sharing that great article. I wish there was something like that here. But we live in a small town, so it's really unlikely that there are enough SAHDs here.
I thought it was a pretty good article, I just wish they would have gotten a better shot of Berk’s face. I am so glad he found those guys to meet up with. We used to live in a small town too and it was really hard on him sometimes. Many of the moms there treated him badly. He really needed the chance to talk with some other adults during the day.
Wow that's awesome!! It's nice to have some recognition for the hard work that SAHDs do, and right around Father's Day is nice too! My dh is a SAHD. We are also from the Seattle area, but we live on the eastside. My dh doesn't know any other dads that SAH, and I know he gets kind of lonely sometimes so it's nice to see his profession get some feedback.
He should try and get together with the SAHD group! They have one on the eastside but I heard that the guy who was organizing it had to quit and so it hasn't been active lately. There are lots of SAHD on the eastside- for a while there were a bunch of guys called Microsoft dads because all their wives worked at the software company. Plus, I know that he would be welcome at the southend group. Most of the get togethers are in the Renton area and sometimes even Bellevue or Newcastle. They do a park date or hike each week. Today they are going to the Heron Rookery in Renton. If you want to PM me with your DH's email address I will give it to mine.
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