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Welcome to the SAHPing forum. SAHMs face issues that are specific to their staying at home as a parent and we hope this forum can be a place to gain necessary encouragement and support for their parenting and their lives.

We welcome all mothers and fathers to take part in the discussions in this forum, but keep in mind that the focus is on the SAHP lifestyle and all posts to this forum should be issues that are specific to SAHPs. We will ask that the focus be kept on learning and understanding, not debate between SAHP and nonSAH.

We do insist that threads posted to this forum be issues that are specific to SAHPs. There are a numerous discussions that SAHPs may wish to open that can and should be posted in existing forums for the topic for general community participation. And then there are topics that are very specific to being a SAHP. Those are the topics for which this forum is intended.

Please stick to specific topics of discussion that apply to your life as a SAHM or future SAHM. Any discussions that are of debate or have demeaning comments about mothers who have other lifestyle choices will be closed and the posters alerted or warned.

Welcome home mamma's, we hope you will find this forum a source of information and community.
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