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Said to DS "Please stop putting your hand in my shirt..."

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DS has been sticking his hand in my shirt when not nursing just for fun... I said "Please stop putting your hand in my shirt, I don't like that" so what does that little snot do? Sticks his ELBOW into my shirt instead.
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well, at least he's creative!
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If only it were so easy LOL!

I was SO proud that my son didn't grab at me, and then he turned two. Magically now he can't keep his hands to himself.
Hahahahaha! I bet that made you giggle!
I have probably said "please stop putting your hand in my shirt" about a thousand times in the last couple of weeks... SAYing it makes me feel better. LOL Doesn't actually acheive anything... if I say "where do your hands belong?" He actually removes them, though momentarily.
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