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Sally Spicer Co-op Leftovers FS

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I have a few things left from cancelled orders and a couple things I ordered too much of. I can accept cash paypal or cc funded paypal if you are willing to pay the fees.
Email me at [email protected]

*PENDING*Haiku Green pouch $13
*SOLD*Spring Medium Clutch $22
*SOLD*Spring Pouch $15
Linea Mocha Coin Purse $9
*PENDING*Capri Espresso Baby Bag $50
Capri Espresso Pouch $13
*PENDING*Capri Aqua ruby bag $35

Thanks for looking!
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I sent you a PM about a half hour ago... & I thought maybe I should post on here too. I want the Green Haiku pouch.

I've replied to all inquiries so far, so lmk if you didn't get an email or pm from me.
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