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I live in San Antonio, and am expecting our first baby in January!! We've got an apartment full of little furry guys, who are all very well behaved animals, but I'm feeling like they're just not receiving the attention that they need and deserve.

I'm looking for a family that has older children who would like some Guinea Pigs. They're so sweet, wonderful, I love them to death, but with a baby coming, I feel like they're being neglected. There are 2 of them, a neutered male (Darwin) and a female (Brownie). I got them from a rescue in January of 2004, but with a baby in the house, we just feel like it's going to be too much.

We also have 2 cats. One we just found, he's a kitten, maybe 6 or 8 weeks old. Very sweet, very affectionate, very cute. We call him Morris. He's spunky and eats very well.

If we are to keep any of our animals, it will be our kitty Murray, he's 6 months old. The little one just makes him jealous, and if he continues to have this attitude when the baby arrives, we will have to find a home for him as well.

I just feel like they deserve better. If you or anyone you know is interested, let me know!!
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