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San Diego/So Cal Mamas - need CSA advice :)

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I'm wanting to join a CSA but the money commitment is pretty big (hey we live in San Diego - it's amazing we can even afford to eat)

I'm looking at a couple of CSA's - and was hoping to get some feedback

I'm looking at the BeWise ranch, Garden of Eden Oragnics and Tierra Miguel - though I would love to hear from anyone who belongs to any CSA that delivers to San Diego.

I'd like to know about the availability of the vegetables, the quality and of course - the value for the money

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We belong to Tierra Miguel. We get our produce bi-weekly, and we love everything we get. Next year I think we'll be getting it every week. The last few months we've been getting some amazing squash from them!

My only complaint is that they have very poor administration skills. The first six weeks, my box was either non-existent, or sent to another pick-up site 50 miles away. Last week, the truck was really late, so when I got there to pick my stuff up, there was nothing there, and I had to get to work. It wouldn't be so frustrating if I didn't live 25 miles away!

As much as the admin stuff frustrates me, I'm very happy with the produce we receive.

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Thanks for the feedback! They don't have a pickup location near me and so I'd have to drive 20 miles to pick up - I'd be so mad if I drove that far and it wasn't there.

I tried to go to the Bewise farmstand today - because it's pickup day and I wanted to see some of the boxes - but the farmstand was closed.
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