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I switched to this hospital after being admitted with false labor. The nurses were SO nice and caring!

Yes, I was seeing a resident the entire time (it's a teaching hospital) and the birth was supervised by an attending physician. I'll just lay out all of the positive points to my experience.

- They're VERY pro breastfeeding. There's a LC on staff and the day nurse (Dora) was very helpful and knowledgeable. (The night nurse not so much...but you take what you can get right?) Every doctor I mentioned BFing to gave me a huge thumbs up.

- The doctor informed me from the start that circ's were a purely cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary. She DID say "The rate of infection goes down the first month but if you take care of it (foreskin) there's no difference. People just prefer the look."

- I was able to verbally refuse the eye goop and Hep B. AND the nurse called me before putting the purple stuff on his belly button. (I opted for the PKU and Vit K) All I had to do was sign a paper upon leaving that said I had refused the other stuff. No big deal was made. (The doctor I saw that morning gave me a list of reasons to have both done...but I think she was just spitting back what she'd been taught and I didn't take it personally)

- I was allowed to tear naturally and only given pitocin as a last resort. (It was the end of my labor and he and I were both exhausted so it was medically necessary)

- I would have been allowed to walk around and change positions but I had been given an epidural (that I asked for)

- I cut my baby's cord
(DH couldn't make it to the birth)

- The baby was allowed to room in with me. He was only taken out for a quick wash (I was instructed to nap after being awake over 24 hours) and when they did the PKU.

It was a GREAT experience (my first birth) and I would recommend this hospital to everyone!
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