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San Marcos/San Antonio mamas!

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We are going in a couple of weeks. We are using San Marcos as a base (loved it last year on the all woman road trip of my mom, dd and me) We will be foraying into San Antonio. We will be doing Aquarena springs again since dh and the boys haven't been there. The Alamo(dh wants to go back and we have been doing the Texas Indepence Trail on our trips), ripleys, the San Antonio Zoo...
Hanging out in the San Marcos river looking for the blind salamander

Now what to do that isn't "typical" tourist/field trip stuff?
Something right up the homeschooler/unschooler/eclectic alley? Great stuff off the beaten path?
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Don't live there, but we just got back yesterday from a trip to San Antonio. We went to Seaworld, the Alamo, road a boat tour through the Riverwalk, and drove down to Laredo to at least see the Mexican border (don't ask
) and check out the Rio Grande. Not sure I can help with off the beaten path stuff... I'll take notes on that.

Things I'd like to have done and things going on:

Fiesta!!! Apr 21-30 Children's Festival is the 22nd.
Charreada Apr 23 & 30 (Mexican Rodeo)
Wildlife Ranch
San Antonio Botanical Gardens

I wish we would have made it to the Strawberry Festival south of SA this weekend! There was so much to do... we had a good time.
I'm hopeful that I can convince dh to go back for Fiesta, but if not, I'm thinking maybe soon...

Have fun!
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I LIKE you
I wouldn't subject you to my mom and dh in the same setting !!!!
You may be in SA around Fiesta time - check the previous post for a link to find free (or cheap or whatever) events. Some are very kid-friendly. Many are quite crowded. If I could pick only one event to go to this year, I'd check out Battle of the Bands, just b/c it has been so long since I last went and it was always a treat

Tuesday afternoons many SA museums are open free to the public.

Just north of San Antonio is the Natural Bridge Caverns

There is a great park and playground in New Braunfels (off I-35 between San Marcos and SA): (this site has more info on other area attractions).

The New Braunfels children's museum is opening or just opened:

The mission trail in SA is fun.

Austin has lots of great parks and isn't too far north of San Marcos, if you are interested. Check out the bats! (no idea when the best time is to go see them - but give these guys a call, maybe?)

You may still be able to catch some wildflowers blooming in the hill country, though it has been a screwy season for it. Or the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is in South Asutin for a look-see.

That's all I can think of off-hand that hasn't already been suggested. Enjoy!
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