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San Marcos texas things to do besides the springs?

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Mom dd and I are going on a road trip two weeks hence
What else is there to do besides the Springs
we saw some other things but they are not open on the days we will be there
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aww come on someone might know something!!
You could go to Wimberley!
I will check one more time in the morning..
We used to live there...let's see if I remember..

There is the Aquarena Center with a glass bottom boat ride.
Of course, shopping at the Outlet Malls - I recommend that you do this during the week (it is so crowded there on the weekends)
Wonderworld Park is fun too
Drive to Gruene, Texas nearby - I love this little place
Drive to Austin - the Austin Children's Museum is free on Wednesday from 5-8.
If you like water there is Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels

That's all I can think of

Enjoy your trip! I would love to get out of town...
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I lived in Austin a few years ago so I hope my info isn't hopelessy out of date. I would definitely drive to Austin, since it's only about 30 minutes from San Marcos. Zilker Park has (had?) a small train that went around the park that was really fun. You could also go swimming in the Barton Springs pool which is fed by a natural spring and is really cool. It's in the same park as the train.

Another really cool thing to do in Austin is watch the bats fly from the Congress Street bridge. Here's a link:

The Nature Center in Austin is pretty neat too.

San Antonio is also about 30 minutes from San Marcos so that's another option.

Sorry, I don't have more info about San Marcos. The only thing I ever did there was go to Aquarena (which is really great, btw) and walk around the campus of Southwest Texas State University.

Have fun on your trip!
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