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I just read the article on the main page about if you are teaching your child about santa. I really struggle with this. I have a almost 2 1/2 yr old and don't want to have him beliving santa is a real person. I want him to know about Mary, Joseph and that story becuase that is what we belive in. I just don't want to do the whole dressing up as santa and have him bring presents to you. This was how it was for me as a kid. Someone in the family would dress up as Santa and he would bring us presents. I'd like to know about if there is a real St. Nicholas and what he did.

I do remember as a kid leaving cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer and my dad would eat a bit of the cookies and take a peeler and peel some carrot shavings making it seem that santa and the reindeer came by. Then if we had snow he'd take a rake and drag it across the lawn to make it look like santa came by. I'd love to do those sweet things but how do you do that without making santa real?
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