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What a hard decision! I love both areas! When me and my DH wanted to move from Southern Cal. we were trying to get transferred to Santa Rosa (with our jobs), we love some of the outskirts of Santa Rosa, I'm blanking on names right now, but around the Armstrong National Forest (guinerville? something) Oh yeah, Sebastapol (spelling??) also! I would move there in a second! Awesome community! We ended up getting transferred to Menlo Park instead! A couple of years later we bought a house in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I love it here! You have the best of both worlds! I've been to Peteluma a few time. I think Santa Cruz had more options in dining and shopping, but the house prices are pretty high! There's lots of veggie restaurants. As for education, I'm not sure. We are expecting our first, so we still have a lot to learn
We need a birthing center here! Could you open one?? I think the community is pretty open minded and into natural childbirth. Good luck with your decision! Either way, I think you'll be very happy!

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