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Sarah M July 5th @ Key Arena

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Anyone else going? This was my birthday surprise from the IL's....

It's incredible to think of seeing her again, my last time was the ORIGINAL Lilith Fair! One of my best friends in Australia was amazed at her performance down there, it was her first on the tour.
She said that the majority of the Aussie audience was female or Queer, and she asked if it was that way in the states.
I commented on it to one of our same-sex couple friends, and they said she was very "breathy", liked her, not her biggest fans.
Interesting demographics she has ~ I was on-air when Fumbling Toward Ecstasy came out, and most of my Sarah requests were from male listeners...

Another Canadian treasure

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My doula business partner and I are going, probably one of the last things we'll do together before she moves to Dallas!
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Yay Kristina!

See you there - I'm the one with the brown hair. :LOL

Are you on the upper level?

She was phenomenal, beautiful, personal, funny...etc.

DH & I both sobbed like little babies during our love songs...I counted the years since 'touch', and realized I have been listening to her since the beginning...16 years...zoikes!
People laughed when I got up danced, those cowards, Sarah is all about feeling the music and going with it.

She even mentioned writing 'Afterglow' in the midst of losing your brains out the breastmilk...

I am in utter shock as to hearing her voice live again. There is no one close to having the talent she exudes. Each song is reborn within her concerts, but still familiar enough to love.

If you are in her tour lineup, see her, see her, see her.

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