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There's no English version, so I provided a translated summary below.<br><br>
So these two teens, Kevin (18) and Omar (19), decide to go running thru a cemetery at night (how cliché <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="rolleyes">) to pray to some spirit. They lighted some candles and started to pray. Omar blindfolds Kevin, then cuts his throat with a knife. Kevin takes off the blind and starts to wrestle with the other guy, and gets stabbed a few more times. Omar then takes Kevin to the hospital for treatment. The police then start investigating the crime.<br><br>
They find blood on one of the graves, and a kitchen knife. Omar told the police that he was possessed by malignant spirits when he stabbed Kevin, who had known for two years. He also said he joined a "Satanic cult" when he was in ninth grade. The group disbanded, but he continued his "practices".<br><br>
A contractor that works for the cemetery told the newspaper that in that particular cemetery, he constantly finds vandalized graves, and pieces of chicken and other small animals that were apparently sacrificed. He says lots of people walk that cemetery at night. The administrator of the cemetery says it's not that bad, but that he sees lots of "goth" dressed people walking the cemetery during the day.<br><br>
The mayor of this city (Lajas) says that he didn't know about these incidents and that people that are involved in "Satanic practices" should get professional help. He also said that in his city there are usually strange events always going on (like UFO sightings) and he promised to reinforce security in the cemetery, even though there is a municipal precinct a little further down the road.<br><br>
Ok, crap like this just chaps my hide! Satanic rituals? Give me a break! No self respecting Satanist would be running through a graveyard at night killing chickens and dogs (considered a Satanic sin) and basically being a stupid jackass (stupidity is another Satanic sin). I swear I just wanna go down there, and beat these losers over the head with a Satanic bible. Seriously. What are they thinking?
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