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We're planning a vacation in a couple weeks to Sault Ste. Marie to ride the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, among other things.

Actually, I'm hoping there are other things to do for a family with two young boys for a few days up there, aside from touring the locks. I know there's a casino, but we have less than zero interest in doing that, even if we didn't have kids. I think we'll be too early for what I've read about the 150th anniversary celebration, too.

So, do any MDC'ers live there or thereabouts? Has anyone visited there and have any recommendations to do and to avoid?

My boys are five and three, so I'm looking for family-ish things to do including parks with good playgrounds.

OH! And if there are any sketchy areas of town that we should avoid getting a hotel in, that would be very helpful to know. (This was the sort of help I got last year from an MDC'er for our last vacation!)


Luci (who will also x-post on the Canada thread)
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