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Savannah on a budget...any tips?

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Okay, DH and I have an anniversary on 10/17 (our 5th!). We don't have any money to go anywhere, but this weekend, he is going to make a trip to Savannah to pick up an order for his business. I was thinking Samuel could stay with Papa and we'd take Atley with us. The gas will be paid for, but lodgings and entertainment are a different story. I'd really like to stay someplace *really* nice, but the cheapest I've found is $300 for two nights. I haven't asked DH, but I can guess we can't afford that. I really don't want to stay at Motel 6 or any other chain motel, but I don't have any other ideas either. I found one campground, but tent camping isn't really my idea of an anniversary trip...

I think I'm just hoping for the impossible, but I thought maybe someone would have some really cool tips for me or something.
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Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm soooo jealous of your trip to Savannah. Do you want to stay in the historic district? It's pretty pricy, but so beautiful and you're right there near everything. There's also Tybee Island just outside of Savannah, where we really love to stay. Rates there should be pretty low this time of year. It's really a lovely place. Have you tried or ? I have gotten good deals through both of them before.
Well, I found in my search for a hotel that there's an Army Airfield in Savannah and DH is active duty Air Force, so we're going to stay at the Inn on post there. It's still expensive (for us), but no where near $300.

Now we might actually have the spare change to do some of the tourist-y things
. We leave tonight at 8:00 (driving during Atley's sleeping hours will help, we hope) and we'll be back on Monday. This is our first-ever trip together that isn't to go see family, so I'm looking forward to it!
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Have a great time and eat a praline for me-Yummy!
We'll be in Savannah tommorrow night!
We found a room at the Days in downtown for just $85. Since it's right downtown, I'm overlooking the fact that it's a chain. Good luck. I hope you have fun.
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That Days Inn is nice-an old historic building and a great location. I'm sooooo jealous of both of you!
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