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Save me; mom's here LOL

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Mom invaded yesterday. She has cleaned my bathroom and kitchen; they haven't been this clean since we moved in. (Simply because my mom is a manic depressive obsessive compulsive Virgo clean-y type person and I am pretty much the exact opposite of that :LOL)

She has used products that I haven't even had in my house for a good year or so. All kinds of nasty chemicals :LOL I'm keeping myself and DD out of whatever room shes' attacking at the time

Okay, mom shows up with enough groceries to last me through eight more pregnancies, at least. She said I wasn't eating well enough. So, she took it upon herself to pick up canned fruit, paper plates, disposable diapers, cleaning products, sugar free EVERYTHING (from pudding to yogurt), and a frozen Amy's vegetarian lasagne. :LOL

She's trying. I know. And I so appreciate her being here, and helping out. But, dude.....don't SHOP for me :LOL
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can you send your mom this way when she's done there?? :LOL
My DH is a do I get him to clean the bathroom?

The lasagna sounds good....I wouldn't mind someone shopping for me! (Although we use cloth diapers so the sposies would have to go back.)
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LOL sounds like my mom! Hang in there Sharon-anne!
are you sure she's not my mil in disguise?? :LOL
I remember that after describing some things my mom was doing you said she sounded like your I feel for ya...I really do. :LOL My mom thinks she needs to come stay with us after the birth. But...she lives less than a 1/2 hour away!
She's been sleeping by the phone since I hit 37 weeks. And that means, there's no phone jack in her bedroom, so she's sleeping on the couch.
She's been calling at least 3 times a day to see if I'm in if I wouldn't tell her.
And I know her behavior is just going to get weirder after the birth. So, as I said...I feel for ya. :LOL
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My MIL is a crazy cleaning Virgo too. I actually like it a lot when she visits. She even irons, which is something I rarely do.
: The only thing that bugged me is that she uses way too much laundry detergent! We have one of those tiny apartment stackable washer and dryer and you do not need a full capful of Tide, even with a large load!

She went shopping too, but pretty much stuck to the list. The only bad thing was that she brought home Arm & Hammer free with bleach laundry detergent instead of Tide. The A&H would not be good for our cloth diapers! So I went out and bought a huge thing of Tide myself.
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Well, I was planning on CDing but since my mom bought these stupid sposies, dh is in love with them grrrrr I might have lost teh CDing battle, which will really suck, since I spent a few hundred bucks on CDs :LOL

No, really, my mom's great, but she's seriously driving me nuts. I know she has the best of intentions, but she's really seriously driving me nuts :LOL I guess that's her job, and 28 years from now, Joey will be on here talking to your daughters about how nuts I'm driving her!
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That sounds like my MIL and she fully plans to be here after Nolan's born!
I wonder how that will go? The good thing is I have another child so I think that she will reap some benefit from another adult around to take her for walks and to the park!
I feel for you but eat it up because this can be a hard time. Imagine if it were left up to you to get the meals and clean the house and try to sleep when the baby sleeps!

You can always just use the sposies she bought and then when they are gone use the cloth! I do that sometimes because MIL thinks that cloth is just disgusting! I even find myself dreading it and each time I started cloth diapering again I would realize how silly I was being!
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