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The CDF (Children's Defense Fund) is looking for help in its latest struggle with the current administration. I enclose a letter they are hoping people will sign and send to their representatives: (

Dear Representative:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to budget process amendments and legislation to be voted on by the House of Representatives in coming days. I urge you to vote against these proposals that will lead to massive and devastating cuts to services and benefits for children while easing the way for more tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations.

Specifically, I urge your opposition to H.R.3973 that would:

-Stack the deck against low-income children and families by making it even easier to pass more massive tax breaks for wealthy individuals and corporations that would be added to the national debt that our children will have to pay off in future years, while simultaneously making it harder to extend tax benefits for our poorest families;
-Require that any improvements or expansions to critical supports for children including Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, unemployment assistance, child care, school breakfast and lunch, foster care and adoption assistance, student loans, and the Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program be paid for by cutting similar programs; and
-Impose caps on domestic discretionary programs like Head Start, education funding, housing assistance, and after school programs that would force more than $100 billion in cuts in services over the next five years, including those for children.

I also urge your opposition to any amendment to establish a cap on entitlement program costs that would require funding cuts eviscerating those programs. Such entitlement caps are included in H.R. 3800 and H.R. 3925 and are likely to be fashioned as amendments to H.R. 3973. Such entitlement cap amendments would cut services by $1.8 trillion over ten years from entitlement programs. If entitlement programs are cut proportionally:

-Medicaid would be cut $392 billion;
-Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit would be cut $54 billion;
-Food Stamps would be cut $43 billion;
-TANF, child care, and child support enforcement would be cut $37 billion;
-Child nutrition would be cut $23 billion;
-Foster Care and Adoption Assistance would be cut $13 billion; and
-The Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program would be cut $8 billion

-Examples of children's share of the pain each year on average based on such massive cuts over the next ten years are:

-280,000 children lose child care assistance;
-Nearly all of the 24 million children covered by Medicaid losing coverage if they absorb half the Medicaid cut based on being half the number of enrollees in the program;
-Families of 115,000 children lose foster care maintenance payments and adoption assistance payments;
-567,000 children lose the welfare safety net through TANF;
-Nearly 1.5 million children lose basic nutrition through food stamps;
-More than 100,000 disabled children lose the support of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) assistance;
-3.9 million children lose the free school lunches and 1.1 million children lose the free school breakfasts that keep them from going hungry;
-The families of 863,000 children lose unemployment compensation needed to cover basic living expenses;
-2.4 million families with children lose the Earned Income Tax Credit; and
-3.6 million families with children lose the Child Tax Credit.

Please oppose H.R. 3973 and amendments to the bill to impose caps on entitlement programs.
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