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How much of your stash are you saving?

  • I'm selling it all! Get the money while the dipes are hot!

    Votes: 3 5.8%
  • I'm keeping a few well-loved dipes and covers

    Votes: 6 11.5%
  • Some of each

    Votes: 4 7.7%
  • I'm saving a lot and just selling off the diapers that got pushed to the back

    Votes: 10 19.2%
  • I'm only selling the diapers that really didn't work for us

    Votes: 29 55.8%

Saving for future kids

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For those of you expecting to have more children, how much of your stash are you saving? A large part of why my husband lets me hunt down diapers day in and out is the economic factor of being able to use these for 2 or 3 more kids down the road. Then tonight he caught me taking photos of some that still fit (or will always be too big) and wanted to know why I was going to sell them
: . I figure I'll keep the ones I loved and sell the rest--that'll probably give me half a stash to save so I can buy a few of whatever's new and nifty when baby #2 shows up.

However, if it's 2 years or more before they get used, will elastic be dead, prints faded, and my favorite dipes not as wonderful as they once were by the time I take them out of storage? Our basement is 100 years old and leaks after rainstorms, so I'm hesitant to use anything other than Rubbermaid for storage.

I guess I'm just wondering what the rest of you gals do about diapering multiple kids.
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It's a hobby
: so half the fun for me is trying new things. Who knows what new wahms will be around by the time we decide to have another baby
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I don't really know what to vote for.
: I saved pretty much all of Parker's stash, but he was a lot bigger than Bret. I just gave away most of Parker's old dipes b/c they were just too big for Bret, plus Bret has quite the stash anyway.

I have also found that some dipes that are not getting used have crackling elastic now.
I'm still hanging on to my favorites, but it's good for me to let some go too.
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Uh, we all have used the head in the bag smilie in this thread... :LOL
Voted selling what really didn't work, and I do it as we go.

I kept all my newborn fitteds to use with the next baby and the rest of my stash is all onesize so has never really had a chance to 'retire' :LOL my poor overworked dipes will be on their 4th booty in 5 years
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The elastic is what makes me think think think about this very thing. I am going to definately keep any prefolds and doublers since that doesn't matter. I have sold 3/4 of my kissaluvs 0, kept one of each color, but I still wonder if I should have kept those or not. Then I have Fuzzi Bunz that I worry about the elastic AND the PUL, how long does PUL stay waterproof, I would think it would maybe thin, or in storage crack, so I might sell those except the bug print because who knows if I would ever get another bug print. Then the rest of my diapers are one-size that will probably still be in use when baby 2 comes along. I might start using this as a reason to start trying again when DD is 1 rather then 2 which is what DH wants.
I'll sell off everything but my prefolds, I think. I'm in love with them and everything else I can replace. Well, I think I'll hold on to my one and only FMBG AIO that I just got . . . but everything else will be sold.
Not to hijack the thread... but I have some pretty girly hyena dipes. Should I sell those and keep the GN ones for the next? We don't find out baby's gender ahead of time. By the time we are ready for #2, our hyena dipes might be old news, right?
C is our 4th child and completes the family

My dilemma is whether to save some diapers for friends/converts or to donate them to the pediatrician's office for "show and tell" or what-have-you. Plus, I'm not very good at selling b/c I never know how to place a money value on things I love and things I didn't love. kwim?

But my guess is that I'll sell/give away most off the things and keep a few things to pull out when a younger friend gets pg to show how cute baby butts can be diapered.
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I really want to keep some of the diapers, but I don't really know if I will have another baby. And, they were I think I should go ahead and sell them. I might keep two kissaluvs (size0) for use as girl toys for the dolls and bears.

I tend to be sentimental in keeping things... I want to be brutal in getting rid of things.

If DH gets his job, then we'll be moving ... I am going to try to be brutal and sell of most of my stash...even if it means I'm back to a small rotation. I can always buy more, right?

-- Caitlin
I am keeping our basics.. prefolds, doublers, bummis and prorap covers and some small fuzzi bunz the rest will or has been sold already. Unless DS really needs something.. I buy him savings bonds with his diaper sales money.
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We're saving most of it. I might sell 2-7 if/when ds grows out of them, but that's about it. I've tweaked and sold off the stuff that I didn't like (or ds could pee through in 5 minutes), so it's all stuff I love and that works.
Our entire stash includes 59 diapers, 20 of which are infant pf and are too small (they're acting as doublers right now) and 28 premium pf.

But I'm guessing I'll need to buy a handful of super-cute diapers later anyway when I start nesting or I'm stuck on the couch again nursing for weeks.

eta: I forgot about giving/selling them (cheaply, don't worry) to friends or family who will eventually have kids. I've already converted my sister who's still in college, my best friend from college who may not have children, and several of her single friends. It's the pregnant ones I have trouble with.
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Originally Posted by Austin'smom
I am keeping our basics.. prefolds, doublers, bummis and prorap covers and some small fuzzi bunz the rest will or has been sold already. Unless DS really needs something.. I buy him savings bonds with his diaper sales money.

That is GREAT!!!!! I'm going to tell the wagon ladies that one
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We're only keeping the keepsake items. His first HappyHeiny (baseball print), the Fish applique cover, the Cougar cover, the Mariners cover...I don't know if I'll be able to part with the Kiwipies though, how long will wool hold up? We're not sure if we're going to have another baby, or try to adopt, but it will be at least 5 years down the road, unless something magical happens before then,lol. But as for the rest...I will probably sell them to a home that will love them.
I will sell off the stuff that doesn't work well for Edward. I started CDing when he was 3 months old, so I missed all the newborn diaper stash fun. So this time I am patiently plotting and buying 1 diaper a month of the super fun, super hyena'd diapers. That way I can have a colorful stash and then when he gets older, i have prefolds and fuzzi bunz.

I am saving some basic stuff, and some stuff i know will be useful to me but have little resale value. If i don't use it later, i will donate what is usable or sell it cheap. Anything really 'hot' right now, i have sold to get other things i like better, like RB and SOS, etc.
I kept most of it for the baby on the way. I sold all the stuff that didn't work for us a while ago so I hope the same system works for this baby. We did plan on having our kids close together so it didn't seem like much of a stretch to keep them. I have some really nice hyena stuff put up for baby #2.
My intention is to be brutal and sell of my entire stash....SO:

I am taking photographs of my girls in the diapers. I am also saving the photographs of the diapers that I have purchased.

Thought I'd pass on this idea to others who are sentimental like me, but need to liquidate or declutter.

-- Caitlin
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