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Saw the baby today!

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and everything looks great! I had an u/s because my eggs are too damn old. They measured the neck fluid for downs, and I refused the blood test. My next u/s is in 7 weeks. I can't believe I will be 19 weeks so soon!
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Hi Gilli
Congrats on seeing the little one

I'm curious, because I will be going into the mainstream provider next week and I too have old eggs. Did they tell you they were doing it or ask you if it was okay? That was the Nuchal (sp) fold test right? I'm prepared for a borage of tests being thrown at me; and getting ready to say no.
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Yes, it was the NFT test. The u/s doc said that there was also a blood test that goes along with it. I told him no, because of the false positives. He said..." you are absolutly right. Remember this test is optional."
I was prepared for a fight, but he was with me. He checked the fluid , totally within normal range, and to come back for a level II u/s at 19 weeks.
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Congratulations!!! I don't think we'll do an U/S to see the baby, but I can only imagine how amazing that must be!!! Do you want to know if it will be a boy or a girl?
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Nope! Tihs time we are going to be suprised.
gilli, can you elaborate on the neck fluid test, please? It's new to me ...
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