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Sawyer was born on Friday the tenth at 9:52 am. He weighed 10 lbs 2 oz and was 21 1/2 inches. when I get another free moment I will post his birth story.

Here's our story:

Thursday the ninth I woke up just like any other morning. Very shortly after waking I started having contractions. The were much stronger than the bh's I had been having but not to painful and very far apart. I was really tired so I spent almost the entire day sleeping in between contractions. When dh got home we decided to go for a swim, (our last activity as a family of three) and while I was swimmimg the contractions stopped.
So I sent dh out for BBQ. A while later they picked back up, alittle stonger but there was no pattern or consistency. Iput ds down for bed and told dh to go to bed too. I wasn't sure if this was it but I wanted him rested if it was. My contractions continued to increase in intensity, so that I couldn't sleep throught them, so I cleaned the house. (it was midnight) Around 3:30 I decided to take a shower, I figured it would help relax me and I would be clean for going to the hospital. When I got out I decided I didn't care that my contractions weren't regular I really wanted some pain medicine (no flames please, I know I am a whimp who has no faith in herself to get through that kind of pain on her own, that's why I never thought twice about not having a hospital birth so I could have access to pain meds.) So I called my dad to come stay with my ds, then woke up my dh to go to the hospital. When I got there I was five cm and progressing quickly. My contractions never did develop a pattern or become regular, so I am glad I didn't try to wait for that. I got to the hospital around 5:00, got my epidural around 7:00, My doula showed up around 8:00 and Sawyer was born around 9:52 am. I pushed for less then 30 min. and it was only that long because of the space between some of my contractions. My doc and the nurses gasped when they saw how big he was. I did end up with an episiotomy
: (I didn't want) and a tear near my clitoris (sp?) The episiotomy was supposed to prevent that tear, (they also said my scar tissue from last episiotomy was making it hard for my skin to stretch) oh well. Other than that it was a wonderful birth.

Sawyer has taken to nursing very well. He is a very happy, relaxed baby. He sleeps well and eats well, and he doesn't poop after every feeding like my other ds did (that's a nice break). I am so thankful he sleeps well, since my other ds who is 18 months just started sleeping well about three weeks ago.

As soon as dh downloads our pics I will put up a link. (we are one of those families from the commercials that never prints their digitals. We have a a hard enough t ime just getting them off the camera)

Well it's not all that exciting but there's our story.

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I was going to email you today and just let you know that I've been thinking of you

Congratualtions to you and your family
I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to hear the birth story and see pics (and I'm sure I'll be seeing Sawyer later this summer
) Beautiful name, btw.

blessings to you mama, and best wishes for a wonderful babymoon
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