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I just wanted to say bye to all of you on this wonderful board...

After some spotting/bleeding at the beginning of this week, my doctor did an U/S and found that my little baby's heart had stopped beating probably just a few days before. I had a D/C at the hospital and I am back home now. It is very difficult to find peace, especially after a super-smooth first pregnancy and birth and no history of miscarriages in my own or in my family's history.

I think if this little one came to teach me something, it was certainly a feeling of even greater wonder, love and appreciation towards my 2-yr-old daughter. Apart from my DH, she is my greatest comfort in these trying times.

Again, thank you for sharing the past few months with me. I wish you all the best.



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I'm so sorry.
After having my first miscarriage earlier this year, I definitely experienced what you described. It really wakes you to the core. After weeks passed, I began to understand why our little baby stayed but a short while at the time. Wishing you peace and comfort at this time.
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