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SC Breastfeeding bill passed!

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H 4347 has passed the Senate and will be returned to the House for a perfunctory vote on the Senate amendements (which was only changing 2 words for more clarification) and then on to the Governor's desk. He has suggested that he would sign it. Also, other big news....the SC Breastfeeding Action COmmittee has organized a press conference at the Statwhouse today. Here's the "leak" printed in the Charleston paper this morning:

This is HUGE news and we are so excited about the good things happening for families in our state. We still have a long road with othr issues, but this is a start!
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Fantastic! That was a good article, too. You know, Colorado passed bfing legislation in 2004. I was happy, but I honestly figured it wouldn't affect me too much. I had never been harassed at all. The day after my oldest turned five (meaning I'd been nursing for five years without incident), I was at the gym and sat down in the nursery to nurse my littlest. One of the ladies asked me to do it in the locker room. It was so nice to be able to just go to the manager and say - politely - "I don't think the nursery workers are aware of the breastfeeding legislation that was passed earlier this year making it illegal for them to ask me to nurse elsewhere." She apologized to me, said she remembered hearing about it, and would talk to them. END OF STORY. And I thought it wouldn't affect me!
Yea for all the ladies in SC!!!
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Excellent! I am in SC a few times a year.
That's AWESOME!!
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