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SC breastfeeding legislation

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The breastfeeding protection legislation that passed the House is on the agenda for the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting tomorrow (Tues 3/28) at 3:00pm
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Thanks, Carrie! I'm a little behind on all my updates! The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously with NO debate! We're headed to the full Senate either tomorrow (Thursday) or sometime next week. I should know in the next couple of hours if it is tomorrow or not. I'll keep ya'll posted.
H 4347 is having it's second reading in front of the full Senate floor today, Thursday, March 20th. The Senate convenes at 11am, but we're near the bottom of a very full schedule. Please come out!!!

Good luck with that reading!

See you tomorrow!
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well, politics. the bill didn't have it's second reading (nor did any others). it WILL have it's reading on Tuesday, April 4th. the senate convenes at 12 noon. hope ya'll can come out!
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