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Scared of miscarriage

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I have my first OB appointment on Friday. I am very scared to attend because I have not had any m/s. I was sick as a dog with both my sons, my previous miscarriage- no morning sickness at all, and it quit growing at 6 weeks due to low hormone levels.

DH tells me not to worry, that maybe no m/s means its a girl.
I think he is just wishful thinking.

Anyone experience a healthy pregnancy that was really different from previous ones?
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They're all different. Very different! How far along are you now? I have had late-onset morning sickness, too.
I had no sickness at all with my daughter. In fact, because of extremely irregular periods, I had no idea I was even pregnant until I was at least 10 weeks, and then my humongous sore breasts gave me a clue...

With my second pregnancy, I also was not sick, but I miscarried.
And now with this one, I was nauseated all day and night until 14 weeks. So you never know. Good luck to you, I'm sure everything will be fine.
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don't know how far along I am. Newborn adopted baby at home- no sleep. No charting. First appt Friday.
You must be so stressed out right now. FWIW, I had extreme morning sickness w/ DS which made me lose 10lbs (and I started off small). With this one (a girl) I pretty much had no ms. Actually, I really didn't have much of any symptoms.
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I have been sick this whole pg(I am 35 weeks) along with every other pg discomfort you can name, I got.... and with ds #1 I had nothing....only a missed period.
It is hard to not obsess when you have lost before I hard as it is, just take a deep breath and try not to worry....
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Well I NEVER had morning sickness with my previous three pregnancies & have been nauseous with this one! Go FIGURE...... I do sometimes worry though. I have so many friends & family members that have had mc.....I tend to worry a little more with each pregnancy. I think that is just normal.
I'm a first time mom, but I've had no m/s whatsoever. I think it's really unfair that they say there's a higher risk of miscarriage in woment without m/s. Okay, that may be true in this country, but in some cultures morning sickness is rare. I'm now 18 weeks and there is no indidcation that anything is wrong.

Maybe something is different with you this time: maybe your body is in better condition for this one, perhaps all the care you gave yourself during pregnancy and nursing the other two has made you stronger and healthier. Try not to worry so much. But also, have the dr. check your hormone levels and if they are too low you can supplement.
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