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Scary filling info...

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I found this site today, I'm not all too happy about it myself. Maybe it'll make people think twice about fillings.
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Thanks for posting this! I have many amalgam fillings and refuse any dentistry at all for the past 5 years that I have been either pregnant or nursing or both. I am scared that a simple cleaning will shed mercury into my system, more than what is already leaching in just from eating and brushing. This fear may be unfounded but I know that mercury is small enough to penetrate the membrane that filters breast milk! And WIC gives tuna to nursing mothers! I guess they are uninformed!

A guy I know whose father does mercury-free dentistry used to remove amalgams in his practice but now thinks it is too risky! He told me that dentists removing amalgams have a special suit they have to wear to protect them from the exposure! And they are supposedly safe enough to go in our mouths and the mouths of our babes?

'Silver' fillings are over 50% Hg, do they call them silver because it sounds more benign? As a teenager having cavities filled I had no idea they were putting mercury in my mouth, a substance my mother taught me well to never ingest! Thank God my children are in good health!

Homeopathically speaking, people who have a certain miasm, which is familial in nature, can suffer severly upon exposure to Hg. I am seeing links to all sorts of neurological disorders here.

My ds has two cavities in his baby teeth that need attention, but I am scared to know what kind of materials they would use to correct them!
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yes! however some dentist will not use amalgams. and the dental asso. will hunt them down for it
: i worked for a dentist that had to move because he openly would not use them
: the sad thing is he was one of the BEST dentist i had EVER worked for!
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I always just have to remind myself that corporations, "people at the top", including the government are not trully looking to protect a persons best interest but, they ARE always out to make GOOD buisness, even if that means a few lives being messed with as a result. I probably shouldn't be talking about the government though so I'll stop before they make a file on me lol
Okay so i thought I better add that I was kidding about the government file part so that no one thinks I'm actually that paranoid. Sometimes I can be taken too seriously when I joke.
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