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I posted this in the Dec. birth club forum, but thought maybe a broader range of feedback might make me feel better.

My LMP was Feb. 26 and was normal as far as I can recall. I have NO idea when I ovulated, in a six-month time frame my cycles averaged out to be approximately 27 days in length. Got my first BFP on March 29.

Had quant. HCG drawn on Fri. April 2nd, at which point I should have been 5 weeks and 2 days (LMP) and my level was 19,344.

The nurse who called me said that would have put me at 7-8 weeks (LMP) and I told her that was impossible because my LMP was 2/26. I then ask her if this could indicate twins or Downs syndrome and all she said was "well you'll find out at your appointment, Dr. will do an u/s", as if that would make me feel better about anything right now seeing how that appointment isn't until April 28!!

I did just call and get my appt. bumped up to next Wed. April 15th, but it's a work-in and I don't know if she'll have time to do the u/s then or not, which would make the visit a waste of both our time.

If I am 32 and John is 39, and neither of us has any history whatsoever of multiples in either of our families...I am just a little freaked out about the possibility of Downs. Anybody else have levels *that* high *that* early on??

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Some women continue to have regular periods during pregnancy, so just because you had a cycle, don't discount the possibility that you were already pregnant, particularly since you weren't tracking ovulation.

Or it could be multiples. Identical twins are not genetic, from what I understand, they are a fluke. It is fraternal twins that are matrilineal, but not having a familial history of them does not discount the possibility.

But my first thought with numbers that high is that you're further along than you think you are. Second thought is multiples, but even with multiples, the numbers wouldn't be quite so high quite so quickly, I wouldn't think. Honestly DS wouldn't even have crossed my mind if you hadn't brought it up.

Have you requested a second HCG? Serial HCG tests will give you more of an idea of what's going on. If it's doubling like it should, then good - but if the numbers are drastically more than doubling then again I'd think multiples.

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That is fairly high, yeah. Could be twins, but it could be a single pregnancy too. I doubt your baby had down's. That's pretty unlikely in general.

You're on the very high side of normal for one and even a bit high for twins according to the links below (I'd guesstimate 5 weeks 2 days to be approximately 23 DPO, give or take). I agree with the PP, best way to know is have another level drawn and see how they are going up.
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