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Scary moment- thank goodness for cosleeping

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Last night I was awakened by my 15 week-old dd's frantic kicking. She had rolled on to her back, spit up, and was choking. My precious Helen couldn't breathe. Of course, I instantly picked her up and after some choking and sputtering she was fine.
I am haunted by the thought that if I'd done what the "experts" say and put her in a crib in her own room, last night could have been a disaster. I am here to say that cosleeping saved my child's life.
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I am glad little Helen is OK!! Thank goodness for Co-Sleeping, indeed!! And I will go on record as saying, and I don't care who thinks I'm wrong, back sleeping makes me way more nervous than side or tummy sleeping. I have seen each of my 4 kids gag (not CHOKE though) on their backs...but that's not a very far cry from worse.
My DD sleeps on her side for the most part...but like you said, since she's right there next to me my mind is really put at ease much more than if she were far from me.
for the family bed!!
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I completely agree. I have never put Helen on her back, but last night the little squirm worm managed to do it herself. I've been putting her on her tummy more and more, and last night made up my mind for good. The very real risk of choking trumps the very tiny risk of sids. Helen is a tummy sleeper from now on.
Scary! So glad she's ok.
How scary! I'm glad she's okay! I had the EXACT same thing happen when James was 6 months old.
I'm so glad she's OK!
I have heard this story here before!!! If memory serves, it was the same exact story.

Go fig! Poo poo on the so-called experts.

A big hug for you, mama. So glad everything is okay.
ITA with everything already said. Co-sleeping is a wonderful thing for those that decide its best for our families
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I often wonder how many SIDS cases are really things like this. I had the same thing happen with ds when he was 5 months and then again at 7 months. Each time I awoke out of a deep sleep just as it was happening. This sort of thing just shows our instincts are amazing and our babies need us right there in case they are in trouble.
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Glad your dd is okay!

Co-sleeping is great for so many reasons.
Wow, Im glad your baby is ok. I had the same thing happen to my baby at 3months old. It just shows that doctors dont know everything. Co-Sleeping is best.
Here's an idea for you, mama.

I keep my dd on her back because I think SIDS is a very real and genuine concern, but the whole choking idea bothers me too. I bought her a sleep wedge...she sleeps on that, between DH and me. She's never had a problem choking on it, even when she spits up (she is 8.5 weeks old)

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I had this happen to Ds when he was 6 and 8 months I never put Ds on his back for this vary issue but he was able to get on his back early but only in his sleep
then last month Ds (was 23months old) had the flu and he wanted to sleep o his back (that is rare but he fell asleep and I did not want to wake him up because it took so long for him to fall asleep I would normally still put him on his belly) well just as I was about to get up and go down stairs He started gaging and chokeing on his vomit He did not wake up until he was done throwing up. As soon as that happened NO ONE would beable to convince me that sleeping with a toddler was unnessasary beacaue he was to old. Cosleeping has saved Ds's life more than one time. There where maybe 3 times where I had had to nudge him in the middle of the night when he was a newborn because was not breathing then after the nudge he would take a deep breath.


Karen and baby Joe
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Soo glad your DC is ok...This happened to our DD too! I, too was sooo thankful that we were right next to her...OMG, I too... cannot even imagine if she was down the hall in another room!!!
Thanfully she had you her loving mama
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Sorry I am posting so late on this thread. I just had to add you post made my heart stop. I am so very very thankful you were there to help your dd! When my 17 year old was a 2 months old she forgot to breath. Thankfully she was on my chest and I woke up and noticed. Once I moved her she took a deep gasp and started breathing again. I can only imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been there. My 4 year old when she was 3 months old was having trouble with her heart rate once she was on a monitor we found out whenever I held her while sleeping or slept with her her heart rate was fine but if she was put down in the bassinett to nap even for a little while her heartrate slowed down. I truly believe the rythem of my breathing and heartrate kept her own heart rate normal. Thank the Lord that their are families out their who do co-sleep with their children. I am saddened that more do not. I am so greatful you were there for your baby.
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I am so glad that you were there for little Helen and that she is OK. I always feel safer having Asher close to for such reasons.
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