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SCARY RASH!!!! Need rash and detergent info...

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Noam has never really had a diaper rash. The other day I left him with someone who let him sit in a dirty diaper (what is it about men and not smelling poo?). I noticed his penis was a bit red and put some badger balm on it. Last night he was up screaming. Gave him tylenol b/c he's been up a lot teething this past week (one more molar to go!) - didn't seem to help. He kept crying "ow, ow, ow" and jumping up and down. So today I notice in the daylight - the tip of his penis is totally excoriated and yellow!!!!!

So my quetion is - what do I do with this rash? I recently started using Era with stainfighting action. Is this one of those enzymatic things that is a no-no? I've only been using a touch of it in the prewash and doing the main wash with sensiclean.
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I think you could be having two issues. One is the enzyme detergent, and the other is the Sensiclean. While a lot of moms like it, I have personally known two people (and have read about many more) whose children have had the same reaction you're describing. (Especially the sore penis you mentioned.)

I would stop both immediately, strip the diapers, and switch to another brand with no extra whiteners, enzymes, etc.

Poor little guy! I really hope he's better soon!
I dont know about a rash that would turn the penis yellow..(id call your ped about this thought) my son Max had his first diaper rash last week and it was b/c DH didnt notice he had a poopy diaper before bed and he slept in it all night

anyway when he woke up, his anus looked like flames shot out of his tuchus! :puke
the tip of his penis was definiately redder and the little "ring" ??? around the head (he is circumsized but i dont know the lingo of the anatomy!) was red and somewhat inflamed. I didnt know what to do, so we left him w/o a diaper for as much of the morning as we could and i put some aquafor on it (i had nothing else)
we tried to keep him diaperless or in fitteds with wool for the rest of the day..
i changed him every 45mins to 1 hr for 2 days and he was fine in2 days.
I HTH , I dont know if its similar but I do believe leaving the pooopy in too long is the major contributor to diaper rashes..I hope my max and your noah never have to get one again!

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I"ve used sensiclean forever and never had a problem. I think if one of the detergents is a problem (and it might just be from getting a horrible rash from sitting in the poopy diaper), it would be the Era. It doesn't say anything about enzymes, but I was just remembering the "protein [enzymes are proteins] gets out protein" comercial they used to run. I think the detergent is a problem altogether b/c my older dd has gotten eczema on the back of her knees - and we haven't had a problem with her in ages! I used to use only free detergent on our clothing, but found that others weren't causing a problem, so I got lax.
I forgot to mention. Yes, I'm taking him to the pediatrician tomorrow. When I say the tip of his penis is all yellow - it looks like the yellow stuff after a baby is circ'ed, so I"m assuming that it's b/c he's lost the external layers of skin there. EW!
Not to overly worry you but this is what ds' penis looks like when he has a UTI. We use Gentamicin to treat the scabby part on the outside and usually Bactrim to treat the infection. If there is any way to collect a urine sample before the appt it will save you a lot of time. When ds is in the ow ow ow stage the easist thing for me to do is put him in warm water so it is a little easier for him to pee. Hope your little guy is okay.
Poor Noam. I hope he feels better soon. I don't know much about rashes so I can't help there but...

it sounds like it got worse after you put the balm on it. When I got my first tattoo I was told to put badger balm on it and I ended up with a very large painfull welt everywhere I had applied it. Needless to say the very few times I've tried it since I have the same reaction. I stay away from all balms like that now. Just a thought....

Good luck getting it all cleared up and hugs to Noam.
yup, just found info on the proctor and gamble website that says the Era contains "three different enzymes to power out stains". My poor baby!!!
You didn't say anything about this, but have you just starting using TTO? My man gets a horrible rash if I use ANY TTO in the wipe solution, but is fine if it's in the wash.
TTO only in the wipes, but that I've used since he was a practically a newborn.

I put bacitracin on it last night (just the yellow looking part) and went to the 24 hour pharmacy to get some triple paste. It looks *much* better. There is a red raw ring on the tip of his penis, but it doesn't look infected any more and most of the redness is gone.
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Chava, if it is the detergent do the handwash. Then do several washes with nothing, including the sensi clean.
Keep an eye on the suds during the agitation cycle.

I'm so sorry to hear that
It sounds just like what Jacob went through
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