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Scheduled First Appt

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well I finally have my first appt. Scheduled. I was going to go in at 6 weeks but our insurance wasnt set up yet. So I am scheduled for the 18 of March. I will be almost 12 weeks. So i am all excited for that now.
I am moving back home in June so i will be at home for the birth so i am just seeing the same OB the whole time instead of switching. So I have to schedule my appts for when DH has drill and we go home. so 1 more month lol.
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I just scheduled my first appointment last week. Mine isn't until March 13th. I will be 13 weeks and 5 days pg by that time. This is the longest I've ever had to wait to hear my babies heartbeat. I've always had my first appointment by 10 1/2 weeks. Because I do have other children to take care of I'm hoping the time will pass quickly. We aren't telling family and friends I'm pg until after we hear the heartbeat.
I cant wait for my March appointment! Hope I hear the heartbeat. If not on the 3rd at my doctors appointment then definitely on the 22nd at my midwife appointment (Im flying down to NC to meet my midwife so im not stuck with someone I dont like at 30 weeks)
Sadly DH doesnt get to come to the appt with me so he will miss hearing the heartbeat.
I will have to record it on my phone or something. So can the doctor tell I am still nursing by the breast examination??
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