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I really need help editing an essay for a scholarship I am applying to. I had to move (long story) and will be paying out of state tuition for nursing school this fall. However the school charges over 20K for out of state students! I am hoping to get several scholarships to cover my tuition and living expenses since even the maximum of regular 'financial aid' like loans and grants would not cover all the tuition! Plus I would have to pay daycare too. This particular scholarship pays all tuition and fees plus a living stipend which would almost cover my rent and daycare. I think only 10% of applicants end up winning the scholarship but many who apply are not qualified. I know I qualify but want to make sure I can win it!

The scholarship is based on being low income and needy (double check)

having a high gpa (4.0 in prereqs and 3.8 overall)

two references (one awesome one so far and waiting on the other)

three essays (this is where I am struggling)

I am currently not a student so I can not go to the campus writing center or ask a professor for help editing my essays. I have asked my sister (who is too busy working part time!) and spammed facebook to see if anyone could help (few of my friends have finished college) So now I'm asking here for help.

If any of you wonderful gals would mind reviewing the scholarship website and my essays and giving me some feedback I would be really grateful!

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