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Schwan's meals?

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I have seen some of you mention Schwan's meal deliveries.

I just went to their website....and it all looks frozen. Am I right?

Can you tell me if the quality of the food is any different from Trader Joes frozen entrees? And do you need to cook them as long? Are they microwavable too like some of the TJ meals are?

IS everything frozen? Like if you ordered a pie and rolls?

I would be getting these for someone, a single mama, who I know for sure has a overstocked freezer of TJ stuff.

I guess I was looking for something that involved less effort. She just had shoulder surgery and doing *anything* right now is painful.

And if you convince me, what are your favorites? There is a meat eaters and a non-meat eater in the house.

Any ideas? I guess I could call a local delivery place (pizza, subs, etc) and pay by credit card and have it delivered.

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When I was a personal chef, I ordered meals from Schwans to check out the mode of delivery. I found the meals overpriced, salty and nasty.

Having said that, they do sell some chicken nuggets that are whole breast, not minced-and-formed, and I like their egg rolls for snack foods. That's me saying something positive.

Nowadays, there are a lot of local delivery / pickup options which actually work out cheaper than grocery shopping. Look into those and you will be a happy woman.
We've tried a few things. Some are good, some are nasty, salty and overpriced. We like the fish personally. Living in a land locked state and having grown up (in MA) eating fish caught that day stinks. But their fish is actually frozen enough that it's not bad by the time we get it like the grocery store ALWAYS is. I see you're from MA though, and I can promise you that the fish would be a huge disappointment to you. Other than that, we love their pies and ice cream.
I think the only item that was decent was ice cream (never tried the pies). It's frozen pre-packaged food...thus, it's not that tasty (or good for you). And I agree, meals are salty.
We used to get it when I was a kid, mostly for the ice cream and popsicles. The chicken drummies and chicken pot pie were big hits, too. Bear in mind that we didn't eat a stellar diet to begin with.
This was a reprieve from Hamburger Helper and such. As far as convenience it's mostly toss it in the oven stuff. Probably not any healthier than, say, a Banquet frozen meal, but somewhat tastier.
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Two words, salty and over priced

The icecream while over priced IMO is
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