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score one for us!

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hey! hey! i did it! i converted someone!

i have this new friend and i like her a lot, but we're very different. for instance, she just can't comprehend how you can nurse a baby once it has teeth. she is convinced the babe would bite your nipple off.

anyway, she and her husband have been TTC for more than a year. she recently visited her parents alone for two weeks and just got back. she came over today to play with dd while i carried yard sale stuff outside.

she said 'my mom told me i was crazy when i told her that we are going to cloth diaper our kids.' i froze. she was serious! and happy about it, too!

i told her how my mom wasn't exactly supportive but now thinks it's great. C smiled and said 'i can't wait to try it!"

i've been showing her all my new diapers for the last few months. i'm glad she likes them! i'll have a junior hyena one of these days!
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Woo Hoo! Congratulations on the convert! She's lucky to have someone like you to help her sort through everything in the beginning.
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Oh my gollie that's awesome!
I couldn't help laugh at the bite your nipple off comment :LOL
((Naking my 11 month old with 6 teeth still have both nipples)
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