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Scotland/Scottish ideas

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The local Scottish Festival is coming up. We'll be going to it again this year. DD1 and DS1 both perform at it with their clogging team.
I would like to make it part of our "school" this year also. I just want to cover a few things the week before and the week after to tie it together a bit. Give them a few things to think about.

So far I have a couple baking ideas for DD2 (my kindergartner). We'll make short bread and Scotch Teas (yum!)
I found a nice article for my 11 year old to read.
I've searched for "Scottish unit studies" or "Scotland until study" and found very little. So, I thought I'd see if anyone here had any ideas.
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Are you a Little House on the Prairie fan? For a read-aloud there are books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's great-grandmother, Martha Morse Tucker. The first one is Little House in the Highlands, by Melissa Wiley. In the first book Martha is a six-year-old girl in 1788. There are four about Martha. The other three are The Far Side of the Loch, Down to the Bonny Glen, and Beyond the Heather Hills. There's a Reading Guide with discussion suggestions on HarperCollins' website.

If you get it, be aware that the covers with paintings are the full versions. The new editions with photo covers are abridged. I haven't read the abridged versions.

Oh, has some more stuff about Martha. There's Martha's family tree (maybe a jumping-off point to discuss your own), some info on how she emigrated with her family (including her daughter Charlotte, Laura Ingalls' grandmother) to Boston, so maybe some talking points on Scottish emigration too. And of course you could find Martha's village on a map of Scotland and label some other cities.

I also found
http://eclectic-homeschool.blogspot....label/scotland (LOVE the idea of playing golf!)
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