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Scottish skittishness

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"CHILDREN face longer waits for operations because of a massive backlog of
religious circumcisions."

"Requests for the procedure represent one in 10 referrals to surgeons at the
Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Yorkhill, *******."

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Aren't most Scottish Catholic? The Catholic church has a long time standing against circumcision.

Originally Posted by mamao'two
The Catholic church has a long time standing against circumcision.
I did some searching and it seems that the Catholic church has a standing against mutilation and amputation when NOT for medical reasons. Circumcision does not seem to have been specifically addressed but obviously fits into the mutilation/ampuation for no medical reason category. BUT, it was once believed that circumcision had a medical benefit. This I believe would explain why I know MANY Catholic men who were circumcised. One example, is 5 boys I know from a strict Catholic family, all circumcised. Mom would never have done it if it was specifically stated to be against the Catholic religion. Here was a decent, short bit I found on it
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As it says in the article, it is about muslim immigrants' and jewish babies, not christian boys.

As far as I know all christian churches(lutheran, catholic, orthodox) here in Europe are very strongly against circumcision. Ofcourse they do not have opinion about non-christian children.

Europe has always been intact. Only a short period of time circ was practised in England&Ireland due to the Victorian masturbation hysteria.

(I know that even LDS church here in Europe doesn't accept circ, yet UTAH has one of the highest circ rates in USA.)
No, the Scots are fanatical presbyterian, the Kirk of Scotland is very protestant. They've not been Catholic since before Mary, Queen of Scots time.

What irks me is why the h*** is the NHS carrying out non-therapeutic surgery for religious reasons. That's outrageous. (Or actually they aren't, which is why the religious lobby have their knickers in a twist over it.) No-one else can get cosmetic surgery just because they want it, why should they?
This thread is discussing religious circumcision. We do not host discussions of a religious nature in this forum.

That discussion can be hosted in the Religious Studies forum.

Any questions, please PM me.
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