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SEA- Eastside (Issaquah) day care recs?

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Hi- I'm new to this list so hope this is an appropriate place to ask these questions!

We are expecting our first baby November 2007 and are researching infant daycare options for our upcoming little one. I'm having a hard time finding actual recommendations though as we don't know many other parents (we moved here only a few years ago).

So far we've toured the Issaquah Learning Garden and the Issaquah Kindercare and would love to hear any reactions (positive and negative) to either of these places. We'd also be interested in hearing of any other centers in the Issaquah area worth considering.

We're also interested in hearing about any licensed home day care options for infants that are well recommended. I'll be working 3 days a week.

Any input is very much appreciated as this is all new to us!

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Hey Jenn, welcome and congrats! I've actually posted this question before but didn't really get a response as I think that most AP moms stay at home with their children. I haven't heard anything about the Kindercare but believe that the LG wasn't good. Although the Children's Garden School was recommended to us for when DD is older.

Sorry this doesn't help much.

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