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Hi From Sponging central!

Sorry to seem obstinant, can't help but ask the questions that come to mind, but the release of eggs and sperm does not quarantee the growth of new sponges
correct, shooting sperm into the water does not guarantee conception
I love that company's hooie...anyway, a hostess sponge of adequate size has to catch it!
No , they can't regrow completely with the way they are harvested. Cutting a portion does allow for continud growth, but cutting is no longer allowed because it damages the reefs.
Sponges are not "plant-like creatures" they are animals - you are putting a dead animal in your yoni. They are left on boats in the hot hot heat and slowly rot and it smells like death ( I live down wind from a sponger)
Also, small sponges are baby turtle food, and when taken, it disturbes the reef system, and forces turtles further out for food where they are taken by larger predators.
Sponges protect the shores by basically acting as filters.

From one of our Florida Fisheries commissions:
Your request for information on sponges has been forwarded to me.

Florida Sea Grant in cooperation with the Fish and Wildlife Commission has
been evaluating the recovery of sponge populations following a widespread
mortality. The cause of the mortality was a harmful algal bloom that
occurred in 1992-94. Our recent data is documenting that sponge populations
are recovering, but it has taken 10 years to see significant recovery.

It was our work that documented that sponge tissue left attached to the
substrate can regrow.

Sponge harvesters in the Keys cannot cut the sponges as diving for sponges
is prohibited. We found that even when sponges are torn from the bottom
with a hook and pole that only about one-third are able to regenerate.

PS, how about dioxin free natural cotton tampons with no applicator? and PPS, I had this info on file because I write for a local paper and recently did research on our sponging problem down here...

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Originally Posted by srain
(do you know how many animals get killed by harvesters?),
that is no reason to kill an animal and use the animal itself as a product. But to answer your question,prolly as many as die from being hit by sponging hooks
Not everyone is into animal rights or avoiding animal products. I just advocate knowing the facts so you can make an informed decision. Personally, I use mama cloth, and have for about 7 years.
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