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Sealants on baby teeth?

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Hi. I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I need to ask...

My DD (3.5) is having surgery to deal with "kissing tonsils" in May. A few months ago, I took her to the dentist and it turns out she's got 3 cavities starting. We figured, as long as she's going under anesthesia for the tonsils and adenoids, why not have the dental issues addressed as well. We coordinated the whole thing and two days ago got a packet of papers from the dentist explaining what he wants to do.

Aside from doing the 3 fillings and taking a full xray series, he wants to put sealants on her 8 molars. Insurance isn't covering the sealants, so we want to make sure it's absolutely necessary before we write the check.

Any advice, insight, similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry your little one has to be given anesthesia, but I'm glad you were able to coordinate everything.

I still have some research to do, but from my understanding, since she's already got a few caries, it's a good idea to seal the other teeth. The research I need to do consists of finding out what the sealants are made up of.

My DD is going to have to have some extensive dental work done (which is what lead me to this board), and I'm leaning towards sealing the other teeth that aren't affected but I've got a little time to do more research.

Good luck to your little one! I hope it all works out well.
My son has really extansive decay. They sealed his molars when he was 2 yo and those are the only teeth that haven't decayed. The molars that came in after the sealants were done even decayed. He's had the worst decay I've ever come across tho. (4 crowns, 4 extractions and fillings everywhere - maybe 10 other fillings?) And his teeth are still decaying. SO in our case the dental sealants were a good thing.

Hi. Thanks for responding. I've had two consultations so far. The first dentist is the one who'll be doing the fillings. The second one was with a dentist at the hospital where my DH works. The second dentist said, "I'm just not in favor of putting sealants on baby teeth." I should have asked why, but I was too busy trying to keep my DD from getting too upset with someone poking around in her mouth.

The thing is, insurance will only cover for the fillings and 3 sealants. The rest will be out-of-pocket for us. My DH (who's an MD) is a little wary --not to mention a tad jaded-- and thinks that the dentist wants to do the sealants because it's quick easy money for him (180 bucks a pop), without which it's not worth it for him to go into the OR.

They're also going to do an xray series to get a baseline and make sure there's nothing else to be concerned about beyond the 3 cavities.

We've still got a little time, but we'll have to make a decision soon. I'm nowhere near feeling like I know what to do. Ugh!
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My ds is prone to tooth decay he has already lost his top 4 teeth and all 4 of the molars he has in so far need filling. So when he goes under to have the 4 molars fixed if his last 4 are in I am definatly having the sealent put on. I think for him it is the best thing to do and then I wont have to worry (I hope) about him having to go under GA again to have the other 4 fixed later.

I believe he will have trouble if I dont.
something to ask if you decide to go w/ the selants is do they seal the whole tooth or just the chewing surface, I'm looking into having sealants for my son and was told (by regular person, not dentist) it was just the chewing surface, so that may be something to think about. Good luck!
The bite surface of the tooth is often the first place a kid gets a cavity - so yes sealants there do help prevent carries.
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