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Seattle mom's co-op

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We are starting a mom's co-op in seattle for getting together, exchanging ideas about how to raise socially responsible childern and trading childcare. We are especially interested in other moms who are artists/activists.

We have two 3 month old baby boys and are interested in meeting other moms with babies .
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a group focused on social responsibility sounds great to me! i have an almost 7-month old baby boy, and am very interested in social issues...please let me know more about what you want to do.
Hey- not sure if I am even remotely what you'd be lookign for. I'm due in September with my first and just moved to Seattle at the end of last summer. I know no one, but would love to meet cool like-minded moms. IF you don't want a still childless mom-to-be, I'd love to meet you in the fall/winter after I've been inducted into momhood:)
DD is 3.5 weeks old, and I live up in Bothell (but have no problems driving down to Seattle; it's not THAT far!

Subscribing now, and hoping to find more information on this thread in the days to come. Mamahood is still very new to me, and I am happy to find other like-minded mamas to socialize/exchange ideas with.
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I'd be interested, too. I have an 18 month old, Dylan. I'll be watching this thread!
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Sorry, i haven't checked this thread in a while! my friend and i (the only members of the mom's co-op so far) both have 4 month olds and have been attending a mom's group at the community birth and family center tuesday's at 9:30am.

i used to live in the u-dist but now i live in west seattle. . I am not opposed to pregnant moms joining the group.... i'll talk to my friend and we can see about setting up a meeting time.
I am not sure how hard it would be for me to get to seattle for actual meetings. I haven't done any activist type work before but I have discovered I feel very strongly about some of my newfound views as a parent and this group sounds very interesting to me.
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